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Victory Motorcycles will soon be cruising into the Philippines.

Manufactured by Polaris Industries; the same company which build the Utility Vehicles which are also imported by T.A. Marketing Inc, Victory Motorcycles follow a traditional American style of a heavier bike which are equipped with V-twin engines and follow either a touring or cruiser configuration.

Expected to arrive end of August, 2014 - Victory motorcycles are ideal for bike-fanatics who want to experience a traditional American style of riding in oppose to the more modern-racing inspired European and Asian designed bikes. With the motorcycle industry booming and with the number of national bike clubs growing each and every year, T.A. Marketing Inc. will be hoping to capture the increasing number of two-wheel fanatics that spend their weekends cruising through Philippine roads.

“We’re very happy to announce the arrival of Victory Motorcycles, a brand which has acquired much acclaim elsewhere in the world” commented T.A. Marketing, Inc. head Ralph Reyes “Victory Motorcycles have a large following all around the worlds with more than 60 club chapters and thousands of members in country’s such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany”

Filipino’s have always had a strong love affair of Americana, as a result the introduction of Victory Motorcycles to the Philippines will surely gather some serious attention.

For more information on Victory Motorcycles, feel free to contact T.A. Marketing, Inc. at: (02) 725-0897

If you're not familiar with Victory Motorcycles, here's a little video to wet your appetitie. 

Photo Credit: Phil

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