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Triumph gives the Bonneville a makeover for 2021

Significant updates to all the bikes in the model lineup.

2021 Triumph Bonneville

Few motorcycles are as legendary as Triumph’s Bonneville line of bikes. Having been in existence for the better part of half a century, these bikes are greatly responsible for what motorcycles are today. For the 2021 model year, Triumph has given the entire model range an update. All 5 submodels of the Bonneville range have received tweaks geared towards Euro 5-compliance, as well as minor design and performance enhancements. Let’s take a closer look at the 2021 Triumph Bonneville. 

Starting with the Triumph Street Twin, the smallest Bonneville equipped with a 900cc engine has been revised to provide a more comfortable ride. It features a slightly thicker saddle with new foam padding for improved ergonomics on long rides. Comfort aside, the new Street Twin gets revised styling in the form of cast aluminum wheels, new headlight brackets, revised side panels, and redesigned throttle body covers. 

2021 Triumph Bonneville

Next up, the 2021 Bonneville T100 receives a substantial bump in engine performance complemented by a significant reduction in the bike’s overall weight. Featuring a 10-horsepower increase as opposed to the previous engine, the revisions to the new T100 have also resulted in a 4-kilogram weight reduction to the new bike. Specifically, Triumph has fitted lighter weight cast aluminum rims, a redesigned crank, a thin-walled clutch cover, and a magnesium camshaft cover—all of which significantly lighter than the components of the previous machine. 

The 2021 Bonneville T120 and T120 Black have both received significant updates to their engines. With weight reduction playing an important role in the updated Bonneville range, the new T120 has been fitted with a lighter crankshaft, redesigned clutch, and lightweight balancer shafts. Apart from putting the bike on a diet, these revised components translate to an overall smoother and more efficient ride. The new T120 and T120 Black now come equipped with Brembo brakes as standard, improving overall braking feel and performance. 

2021 Triumph Bonneville

Moving on, the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster has also been on the receiving end of a few engine updates. Just like the other bikes, the engine’s internals have been revised to shed a few pounds, and run a tad more smoothly. The Speedmaster’s redesigned 1200cc engine is now Euro5-compliant, as well, with mapping being revised to favor low-end power and torque delivery. It now gets 77 horsepower and 78 lb-ft of torque, with maximum power being generated at 5,750 rpm. 

Last but not least, we have the 2021 Bonneville Bobber. This lean, mean, cruiser machine has been fitted with a beefier front end equipped with better brakes. Apart from improving safety and braking performance, the fatter front end gives of a more aggressive aesthetic, as opposed to the more subdued, classic styling of the outgoing model. That said, it would appear that the Bobber Black has been discontinued, with the new Bobber already featuring all the macho styling we once found exclusively on the Black. 

As of this writing, Triumph Philippines has yet to announce the official launch date and pricing of these new bikes. However, we’re more than certain that these bikes will be landing on Philippine shores in the coming months. 

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