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The track-only 2023 KTM RC 8C sells out in under three minutes

All 200 of Team Orange’s track-only supersports have been accounted for.

Track-only 2023 KTM RC 8C sells out in under three minutes

In October, 2022, KTM announced that it was revamping its track-only supersport called the RC 8C for the 2023 model-year. As it is, the RC 8C was already an incredibly rare sportbike reserved for the most die-hard track aficionados. Produced in limited quantities, KTM stated that for the 2023 model-year, only 200 RC 8C sportbikes would ever see the light of day. 

Well now, less than one month after the new bike was announced, all 200 bikes have already been accounted for. What’s more is that all 200 bikes were sold in just two minutes and 38 seconds after bookings were opened—highlighting just how highly sought after this machine is. Out of the 200 units accounted for, 30 new lucky owners will be taking delivery of their new orange sportbikes at Valencia, Spain, in the spring of 2023. 

2023 KTM RC 8C

Of course, it goes without saying that not all 200 bikes have already been produced. Conversely, there’s a chance that any of the folks on the booking list may, for whatever reason, pull out. As such, KTM has an online waiting list for interested buyers just in case someone from the first batch decides to cancel their order. 

As is the case with the previous year’s version, the 2023 KTM RC 8C is based on the same platform as the 890 Duke R, however, is tuned to be a track-only machine for the most avid of track riders. The engine has been slightly refined for 2023, and it now churns out an impressive 133 horsepower at 11,000 rpm, and 71 ft-lbs of torque at 8,250 rpm. This marks a 6.9-horsepower increase versus the previous model, and has been achieved thanks to lighter engine internals reducing rotational mass within the engine. 

2023 KTM RC 8C

More specifically, the new bike gets titanium valves and connecting rods, as well as two piston rings which allow a higher compression ratio. There’s also an enlarged throttle body and uprated fuel pump for even more performance all across the rev range. To better transfer power to the rear wheel, the 2023 RC 8C gets revisions to the clutch preload, which also smooths out gear shifts via the bidirectional quick-shifter. As a fancy feather on its cap, the 2023 KTM RC 8C breathes through a brand-new titanium Akrapovic exhaust system adorned with a gorgeous dry carbon tip. 

The KTM RC 8C is nothing short of a technological marvel on two wheels, and KTM has outfitted it with all the race tools you could ever think of. There are multiple ride settings which can all be configured to your desired preferences such as traction control, engine maps, and even engine braking. Throttle response can also be adjusted, and so too can the bite-level of the Brembo Stylema and RCS 19 Corsa Corta braking system. The bike also comes with an adjustable steering head angle, a built-in data logger, and handlebar switches derived from the KTM RC16 MotoGP race bike.

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