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Tech company developing facial recognition security feature for motorcycles

This stands the chance to make parking areas a lot safer.

Tech company developing facial recognition security feature for motorcycles

Having your motorcycle stolen in a mall or other commercial establishment parking area is any motorcyclist’s worst nightmare. The unfortunate reality is that bikes are simply easier to steal than cars. For one thing, most scooters weigh little more than the average adult male, making it easy for thieves to literally pick your scooter up and load it into the back of a truck. Entry-level bikes don’t come with any electronic security features either, making it easy for thieves with adequate mechanical know-how to splice some wires and get your bike on the road. 

Korean tech company Union Community seeks to put an end to motorcycle theft and redefine motorcycle security, especially in parking areas in highly urbanized areas. The company’s new security feature makes use of cutting edge biometric technology integrated with automated license plate scanners to ensure that a motorcycle is being piloted by its rightful owner. Tentatively branded UBio-X MPass, the new tech solution is designed to be integrated with the parking facility’s records and management functions by keeping track of all the motorcycle license plates, and corresponding faces associated with them, entering and exiting the facility. 

Criticized by some as invasion of privacy, the company’s objective isn’t to put a face to a certain motorcycle. Rather, its intent is to ensure the safety and security of each and every motorcycle in a certain parking area. UBio-X MPass boasts an impressive 99-percent authentication rate. Furthermore, the facial recognition and license plate reader can be seamlessly integrated into a facility’s existing CCTV system. The solution makes use of Rapid Identification which, apart from being a totally contactless solution, saves quite a significant amount of time, as motorcycle riders need not stop for a long period of time to get a parking ticket. 

“We have developed the world’s first time and attendance management, access control, motorcycle traffic, and parking management system by combining face recognition and license plate recognition technologies, and we will accelerate the expansion of the Southeast Asian market with Vietnam as an outpost."

Perhaps a major roadblock this system could face, particularly in the local setting, would be the different types of helmets which have a tendency to obstruct the majority of a rider’s face. On top of this, existing facemask requirements make it difficult to implement such a techie solution. However, in the long term, assuming everything goes back to normal and the facemask mandate is lifted, Union Community’s UBio-X MPass definitely stands the chance to boost the safety and security of both motorcycle and car parking facilities.

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