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Pre-bookings for Aprilia RS 660 now open

How does a P798,000 introductory price sound?

Aprilia RS 660 Cover

These days, mid-sized, lightweight, performance motorcycles are all the rage. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a punchy engine mated to a lightweight, performance-oriented platform. This is exactly what Aprilia has created in the form of the RS 660. Debuting in the global market last month, the Aprilia RS 660 is a lightweight sportbike designed as both a daily big bike and a capable weekend machine. 

Aprilia RS660

Having been launched at the world famous Laguna Seca raceway, in California, the Aprilia RS660 was quickly put to its paces by Pikes Peak champion, Rennie Scaysbrook. The new sportbike impressed with its tight chassis and responsive power delivery as it tackled the iconic racetrack — particularly the spine-tingling corkscrew, known to many as the most challenging section of Laguna Seca. The Aprilia RS660 features a 660 cc parallel twin engine — a first for the Italian manufacturer. Churning out a healthy 100 hp, the RS 660’s performance is further enhanced by its featherweight 186 kg stature, which consists of a tight chassis mated to sporty ergonomics.

Aprilia RS660

The Aprilia RS 660 was designed with fun in mind—both on daily commutes, and weekend rides on the twisties or on the track. That being said, it isn’t as dedicated of a sport bike as the Aprilia RSV4. Rather, it’s the perfect entrepot for the motorcycle rider seeking to get into the world of high performance sportbikes, yet retaining a certain degree of daily usability. With that, Aprilia’s newest and most anticipated sportbike is now open for pre-bookings care of Bikerbox Inc., official distributor of Aprilia motorcycles in the Philippines. With an introductory price of P798,000, would-be owners of the RS 660 are treated to a substantial discount, as opposed to the standard sticker price of P860,000. For those interested, a downpayment of P200,000 is all it takes to reserve the most anticipated sportbike of the year.

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