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MyKTM mobile app lets you tune your motorcycle with a swipe of a finger

No more second-guessing your dirtbike’s settings.

MyKTM Mobile App

Earlier this year, at the start of the riding season from the other side of the world, KTM introduced its 2021 SX model range with a virtual launch. Yet, one of the biggest highlights that they showcased during the virtual launch apart from the new dirtbikes is the new MyKTM mobile app. Now downloadable for both iOS and Android mobile devices, the MyKTM mobile app allows the rider to adjust and tune his KTM motorcycle’s settings to suit his riding preferences and terrain. Motocross and enduro racers, as well as dirt enthusiasts, can now easily adjust their bike’s settings with a swipe of a finger.

KTM PowerParts Connectivity Unit

For the MyKTM mobile app to work, it needs the KTM PowerParts Connectivity unit installed on the bike. The unit, together with the app allows adjustment for your motorcycle’s traction control settings, engine braking, throttle response, and launch control giving you a slight edge against your competition, or riding mates. It also allows you to customize your suspension settings with the app’s sag assistant and suspension settings recommendation. Gone are the days of manual tweaking and guesswork just to achieve your optimum suspension settings to stay ahead of the pack. 

KTM Motocross

With the MyKTM mobile app together with the KTM PowerParts Connectivity unit, setting up your motorcycle’s tuning and parameters to match your riding preferences is now easier than ever. At the moment, both the mobile app and connectivity unit are only available for two of KTM’s dirt bike models, with the 2021 KTM 450 SX-F 450, and the 2020 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition. In the near future, we’re hopeful that the app could be used to more of its models even outside its dirtbike and enduro range. Using the MyKTM app to tweak the settings of your KTM 390 Duke or 390 Adventure would surely be something we’d definitely go for. For pricing of the KTM PowerParts Connectivity unit, you may get in touch with any of your favorite local KTM dealerships nationwide. 

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