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Manila’s no-contact apprehension policy is now in full effect

Take extra caution and obey traffic rules.

Manila No-Contact Apprehension

Metro Manila, as well as other major cities have begun to implement the No-Contact Apprehension Program as a means to efficiently, honestly, and safely sanction erring motorists who disobey traffic rules and regulations. Specifically, on December 7 of last year, Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno had launched a Manila-wide iteration of this policy. That said, on-ground traffic enforcers will no longer be apprehending erring motorists. Instead, various CCTV cameras will be keeping an eye out on Manila’s major thoroughfares. 

Those who are caught will be sent a summon in the mail, complete with their specific violation, the fine imposed, and the method of payment in order to settle the violation. Now, this whole campaign is geared towards safety, honesty, and equality among motorists. However good it may sound on paper, as it so often turns out, things end up differently when actually put into practice. This isn’t the case for Manila’s No-Contact Apprehension policy. As it would turn out, Mayor Isko Moreno wasn’t kidding about the eagle-eyed cameras surrounding the city, as several summons have been sent out, a number of which were shared on social media by those who received them.

Summon from no-contact apprehension

For instance, a netizen shared the summon he received from the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB). In the summon, details about the violation, as well as a photo of the actual violation were shown. The corresponding fee of P2,000 was also highlighted in the document, as well as the various payment methods that can be used to settle the violation. Luckily, the City of Manila has set up an online checking and validation system for anyone who wishes to check if they have a traffic violation in the city. Simply click here, and input your vehicle’s license plate, or MV file number. Similarly, Parañaque city has also implemented the No-Contact Apprehension policy, along with an online system which can be accessed here.

Lastly, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) also has a website dedicated to checking whether or not motorists have any pending violations. The site, www.mayhuliba.com, has been up and running for several years now. 

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