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Check if you have a traffic violation in Manila City through its website

No-contact apprehension for better traffic flow and safety in the City of Manila.

Check your plate number Manila City

Following the City of Manila’s installation of a new CCTV system on its streets, the local government unit (LGU) seeks to enforce a no-contact apprehension policy that will log traffic violations via motorists’ plate numbers. 

Similar to how the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) approaches the implementation of its no-contact apprehension policy, especially on main thoroughfares like EDSA, the City of Manila will also use a plate checking website similar to the MMDA’s. 

You may check your plate numbers on the LGU’s website: nocontact.manilacity.ph. It will lead you to a site where you can input either your conduction sticker or plate number, should the latter not yet be available. 

No Contact Apprehension Manila City

Car drivers and motorcycle riders should check up on their vehicle’s status with this resource. Manila City states that the reason why it’s going with a no-contact apprehension system is that Manila is a growing city. In a  2015 census, the municipality reported that it has about 1,780,000 people. It’s the second most populated city in the National Capital Region (NCR), and its had continuous population growth but stagnant development of new roads and thoroughfares due to the historic city layouts and the lack of space. 

To alleviate the traffic congestion and to improve road safety, the no-contact apprehension project was implemented to hold irresponsible road users accountable for motoring incidents. The city of Manila has the second-highest total number of road-related injuries and deaths, with pedestrians and motorcyclists being the more common victims of traffic-related incidents. 

Congestion is also a key item to mitigate with the use of this system. In place of manual forms of apprehension which involve a timely process of issuing a ticket through a deputized enforcer, Manila City can monitor and log any and all traffic violations and give the appropriate sanctions to erring motorists. 

Go on and check the website if you have any pending violations with the city. Even if you feel that you don’t have a violation, it pays to check so you don’t get hassled in the future. 

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