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The KTM RC 8C sold out in just 4 minutes and 32 seconds

People actually want a midsize supersport from KTM? No way...


Blink and you’ll miss it. The folks over at team orange are marking the KTM RC 8C as sold. Only 100 units of the new supersport bike were put to market, and it shows that there is genuine interest for a midsize fully-faired KTM

The bike sold out so fast, that it probably broke a record in some way. Only 4 minutes and 32 seconds after its pre-order announcement, and the books were already filled up. KTM even had to put out a waiting list just in case one of the first 100 customers were to back out of the deal. 

KTM RC 8C Cornering
KTM RC 8C Rear Quarter

It goes with the excitement of a new supersport from KTM. Though it’s not a street bike, the track-only model somewhat proves that there is a place for a midsize supersport from Austria. The largest displacement sportbike in the Philippine showrooms is the KTM RC 390 which only features a 373cc single-cylinder engine, and there are plenty of other midsize models that would make great sportbikes if given the chance to be faired accordingly. 

True enough, the RC 8C’s engine comes from the legendary LC8 line of motors from KTM. It just so happens that the motor in the frame is the same LC8C from the KTM 890 Duke R. It features a power figure of 120 hp, and its V-twin configuration makes for very aggressive power delivery, not like a predictable flat-plane inline-four. 

While it is an interesting prospect to see this supersport go into production, the bike as it sits now is a track-prepped machine and will require specialists to keep maintained. Again, it’s no mere road bike as it sports a titanium Akrapovic exhaust, WP APEX PRO suspension all around, Brembo brakes, and Dymag wheels 

Just to sweeten the deal, the first 100 customers on the pre-order list will get the chance to join the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test team to participate in a one-time customer event. Only 25 of the 100 will be chosen, and they’ll get to rub elbows alongside the likes of Dani Pedrosa, and Mika Kallio. The lucky few will also get spare wheels, brake discs, tire warmers, and a KTM race carpet for keeps. 

Again, there’s still a waiting list just in case someone from the original hundred backs out—if they do. 

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