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KTM introduces the 2024 EXC enduro range in the global market

The new two and four-stroke models are expected to be made available by June 2023.

KTM introduces the 2024 EXC enduro range in the global market

KTM has always been known for its incredible off-road performance. For 2024, KTM has unveiled the new EXC series in the global market, featuring an extensive selection of two-stroke and four-stroke machines designed to cater to diverse riders. Leading the way is the inclusion of a fresh frame for the 2024 KTM EXC range. According to Team Orange, this new frame enhances longitudinal and torsional flex characteristics, resulting in improved rider feedback, enhanced energy absorption, and increased stability when riding in straight lines.

Alongside the new frame, the 2024 KTM EXC enduro lineup also introduces upgraded suspension components. The front suspension features a 48mm WP XACT closed cartridge spring fork, now equipped with an innovative mid-valve piston concept that optimizes oil flow within the closed cartridge system. At the rear, riders will find a WP XPLOR PDS shock. Notably, both the front and rear suspension systems offer comprehensive adjustability, allowing riders to fine-tune their settings effortlessly. With convenient hand clickers, adjustments can be made on the go without the need for any additional tools, ensuring a hassle-free experience when dialing in the suspension to meet individual preferences.

In addition, the 2024 KTM EXC range features a redesigned two-piece subframe at the rear. This subframe is crafted from a combination of polyamide and aluminum, resulting in a lightweight yet robust structure. Notably, the subframe serves as the housing for all the electronic components of the EXC bikes, including KTM's new Offroad Control Unit (OCU). The introduction of the OCU eliminates the requirement for numerous fuses and relays that were necessary in the previous design. With advanced programming, the OCU ensures that in the event of an individual electrical component failure, it is independently deactivated, preventing further complications and ensuring the overall functionality of the bike.

In 2024, the two-stroke models of the EXC lineup benefit from the addition of electronic throttle body injection (TBI). This upgrade enhances fuel delivery precision and efficiency. Furthermore, the reed valve case has been redesigned specifically to address the challenges posed by excessive fuel delivery during demanding uphill and downhill riding scenarios. As a result of these improvements, the two-stroke range now offers two engine maps that can be easily selected using a switch, providing riders with greater control over their riding experience.

KTM introduces the 2024 EXC enduro range in the global market

For the 2024 EXC four-stroke bikes, KTM has implemented several enhancements. One notable improvement is the adjustment of the engine's position by tilting it two degrees backward, while simultaneously lowering the front sprocket by 3mm. These modifications effectively lower the bike's center of gravity, leading to improved mass centralization and anti-squat characteristics. These changes contribute to enhanced handling across various riding scenarios, benefiting multiple riders. Additionally, the four-stroke models now come equipped with standard traction control, providing riders with improved grip and control. 

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