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Kawasaki updates the W175 classic-style roadster in Indonesia

Could Team Green be launching the 2023 W175 in the Philippines too?

Kawasaki updates the W175 classic-style roadster in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Kawasaki just unveiled the 2023 iteration of the popular retro-style roadster, the W175. The W175 has always been Team Green's smallest capacity retro-themed motorbike. The new motorcycle looks very similar to the model it succeeds. It screams vintage and classic, with its round headlight, single cradle frame, and vintage ribbed seat cover—something we know will never go out of style.

The Kawasaki W175 is available in three different versions for 2023: TR, TRSE, and Cafe Racer. The TR takes the form of a scrambler, while the TRSE is a standard UJM-style machine. Of course, the Cafe Racer is exactly that: a Cafe Racer. These options ensure that buyers get a package tailored to their interests and riding styles from Kawasaki's entry-level retro motorbike. With the W175, Kawasaki has also introduced new colors.

2023 Kawasaki W175

Let's get started with the TR. A ribbed seat cover, elevated front and rear fenders, and a bash plate complete the scrambler-style small-displacement machine's tough and industrial look. It's painted in the classic Kawasaki green color scheme, which dates back to the company's motocross roots. The TRSE version, on the other hand, has similar styling but comes with two limited edition paint schemes inspired by the 1950s. Finally, the Cafe Racer has a headlamp cowl that matches the body color, as well as distinctive graphics on the fuel tank and side covers that give it a sporty look.

In terms of technology and performance, the Kawasaki W175 uses the same engine and tuning as the machine it succeeds. It's a 177cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with 13 horsepower and 13.3 Nm of torque. Although the engine's performance ratings are lackluster, it is substantially lighter than other retro-themed motorbikes in its class, weighing only 126 kg. This means that the W175 has a superior power to weight ratio than its competitors due to its weight advantage, and will be thrilling to ride around town.

The Kawasaki W175 is equipped with classic front telescopic suspension and dual shocks at the rear. It also has traditional braking equipment in the form of a front disc and a rear drum unit. The bike is also held together by a single-cradle chassis. The motorcycle has halogen headlights throughout, in keeping with its vintage look. Despite the fact that the design appears to be inspired by the larger W800, the W175 still appears to be a budget-oriented machine.

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