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Kawasaki releases the beginner-focused KLX 230 S in the US market

The KLX 230 S comes with optional ABS and a lower seat height.

Kawasaki releases the beginner-focused KLX 230 S in the US market

With its KLX line of dual sports, Kawasaki has had a formidable competitor in the dual sport market for a long time. The KLX 230 series, which was recently revised for the U.S. market for 2023, is the most popular of the variants offered on the global market.

Kawasaki's selection of street-legal dual sports is expanding this year with revisions and new models that have hit the market. Style updates and engine adjustments are made for the 2023 KLX 230. The launch of a new model called the KLX 230 S, which has features aimed at making off-road riding for novice riders safer and more enjoyable, is the largest improvement, though. While sharing the same chassis as the KLX 230, the KLX 230 S sports a lower seat height of 32.7 inches to make it easier for riders to reach the ground. In order to accommodate for this drop in seat height, Kawasaki used shorter dual-stage springs with a firmer spring rate than the conventional KLX 230, which resulted in a 2.4-inch reduction in fork length.

Kawasaki KLX 230 S

The shock is also altered similarly, resulting in a 2.1-inch reduction in suspension travel. The S has 6.2 and 6.6 inches of suspension travel in the front and back, respectively. Furthermore, the S weighs 298 pounds without ABS and 296 pounds with ABS, compared to 291 pounds for the basic bike. The basic version's 10.4 inch ground clearance is reduced to 8.3 inches, and the wheelbase is similarly reduced, going from 54.3 inches on the base model to 53.5 inches.

Another noteworthy enhancement to the KLX 230 S is the ABS feature, which is absent from all other KLX 230 models. Kawasaki asserts that the KLX 230 S' ABS intervention time is later than standard on-road ABS in order to produce a more natural braking sensation off-road. Of course, ABS may be entirely disabled using the switch on the left side of the handlebar. Additionally, the model with ABS replaces the smaller 240mm front brake disc found on the original KLX 230 with a larger 265mm disc. Battle Gray ABS KLX 230 S versions cost $5,299 each (around P292,000), while Lime Green and Battle Gray non-ABS variants cost $4,999 each (about P275,000).

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