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Italian motorcycle brand Moto Morini is working on a new middleweight cruiser

With Moto Morini expanding at a rapid pace, could this retro-style cruiser make it to the Philippine market soon?

Italian motorcycle brand Moto Morini is working on a new middleweight cruiser

It's been 86 years since Moto Morini, an Italian motorbike manufacturer, first opened its doors for business. However, until lately, the business has not been actively pursuing market expansion on a worldwide scale. Unsurprisingly, Zhongneng, a prominent Chinese motorbike manufacturer, purchased the company a few years ago, and has since financed its global expansion.

Moto Morini has been able to build quite a few motorcycles with prices that fall in the center of the pack thanks to Zhongneng's improved production capability. The 650cc parallel-twin engine that powers bikes like the X-Cape adventure bike and the Seiemezzo neo-retro bikes has comparable design cues with the 650 twin from Kawasaki. As a result, riders of diverse backgrounds are said to find the bikes to be friendly yet decently capable.

Moto Morini Cruiser design patent

It goes without saying that now that Moto Morini has entered several countries, including the Philippines, the time is right for the Italian company to broaden its selection of models. A recent design patent appears to indicate the development of a cruiser based on the same 650 platform. It's clear that the Moto Morini cruiser is much more closely designed to the Seiemezzo roadsters, making it an ideal match to the brand's neo-retro line. It has classic stylistic cues similar to those of the Honda Rebel and Kawasaki Vulcan S.

The cruiser's 649cc engine, which powers the Seiemezzo,  indicates that it will include liquid cooling, electronic fuel injection, a 180-degree crankshaft, and a parallel-twin arrangement. This engine should produce roughly 65 horsepower, depending on its tuning. Nevertheless, as this will be Moto Morini's first cruiser model, the frame and substructure are all new. The cruiser will have dual rear shocks, standard telescopic forks, and front and rear disc brakes—possibly with ABS—according to the design.

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