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Husqvarna unveils the Norden 901 in the Philippine market at P950,000

The premium adventurer is ready to bring its A-game to the massively popular ADV segment.

Husqvarna unveils the Norden 901 in the Philippines

During the Makina Moto Show 2023 held in the SMX Convention Center, Husqvarna revealed that the highly anticipated Norden 901 adventure bike is now officially available in the Philippines. It is set to compete with other bikes of similar weight and displacement in its category and represents a significant milestone for the brand in the country, as it marks a couple of firsts.

The introduction of Husqvarna in the Philippines was a result of the local KTM operation. Given that the same distributor has been handling KTM for a considerable amount of time, the transition to the Husqvarna brand was a logical progression. With the successful launch of the Svartpilen and Vitpilen models in the ASEAN region, it made perfect sense for the brand to introduce the Norden 901 adventure bike.

Husqvarna unveils the Norden 901 in the Philippine market at P950,000

In addition to being the latest addition to the Husqvarna lineup in the country, the Norden 901 is also the first middleweight model from the brand to be introduced in the Philippines. Furthermore, it is the first middleweight Husqvarna to be locally manufactured in the company’s production facility in Sta Rosa, Laguna. The company has announced that the initial batch of Norden 901 bikes will comprise 48 units, each of which will feature a unique decal on the side to commemorate the occasion.

The Norden 901 available in the Philippines has specifications that are similar to the top-end models available in other regions. While it shares a lot of its components with the KTM 790 Adventure models, it has a larger engine. The Norden 901 features an 890cc 285-degree parallel-twin motor that generates 105 horsepower and 100 Newton Meters of torque, paired with a six-speed transmission. The Philippine version of the Norden 901 is equipped with numerous adventure-ready features, including cruise control, an up-and-down quick shifter, Motorcycle Traction Control, Motorcycle Slip Regulation, Cornering ABS, Cornering Traction Control, and KTM's ride modes.

Husqvarna unveils the Norden 901 in the Philippine market at P950,000

Thanks to local manufacturing, KTM motorcycles have been available at reasonable prices in the Philippines. However, due to its uniqueness compared to its KTM counterparts, the Norden 901 is priced at a premium in the region, with a sticker price of P950,000. In the middleweight adventure segment, the Norden 901 will be vying for supremacy against competitors such as Ducati, Aprilia, BMW, and even KTM.

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