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Honda releases sleek new colorway for the ADV 150

Looking beautiful in white.

Honda releases sleek new colorway for the ADV 150

Honda has seen massive success with the ADV 150 ever since launching it in the global market early last year. The entry-level adventure scooter was designed to offer the rugged capabilities of the X-ADV in a package that is affordable and beginner-friendly. Unlike your conventional entry-level maxi-scooter, the ADV 150 offers slight off-road capabilities, thanks to a beefier suspension system, more robust chassis, and dual-sport tires. 

In the local market, the Honda ADV 150 has become a favorite of both commuters and enthusiasts alike. Understandably so, as this burly adventure scooter stands out from the crowd thanks to its aggressive styling and premium features. It’s comfortable enough that you can ride it all day, it has adequate storage for various errands around the city, and its 150cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine pumps out just enough power to provide an exciting ride

Honda releases sleek new colorway for the ADV 150

While rumors abound that Honda will soon be updating the ADV 150 to feature a 160cc engine just like that of the PCX, no confirmation has been released by the manufacturer as of yet. What we do get for this year is a striking new color option in the form of Pearl Fadeless White. Joining the existing color options for the ADV 150, the Pearl Fadeless White finish gives the scooter a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic—a contrast to the bike’s rugged nature. 

While retaining all its mechanical and tech components, the Honda ADV 150 in Pearl Fadeless White looks more at home traversing the urban environment, and is sure to catch a few glances from onlookers. The Honda ADV 150 continues to be priced at a rather premium P149,000. This price point is more than made up for by the bike’s premium features such as Showa suspension, front and rear anti-lock brakes, adjustable windscreen, and overall excellent build quality. 

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