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Honda Racing changes up its logo for 2022

What racing company doesn’t want to look faster? HRC’s new logo is more than just a format and color scheme change.

Honda Racing Company 2022 Logo

Honda's a staple in the motorcycling world and in the world of racing said two-wheelers. The brand’s racing company alone has produced over 800 wins, 31 premier class rider championships, and 15 wins in the span of a single MotoGP season. 

The Honda Racing Corporation, or HRC, will be changing this up moving into the year 2022. It’s been around since 1982 and has been the body behind Honda’s racing presence since. 

“Starting this season, Honda will further strengthen its motorsports operation and capability by adding automobile racing activities to Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), which has been operating Honda’s motorcycle racing activities. This will enable Honda to achieve mutual collaboration of the technologies and know-how Honda has amassed in the respective areas of motorcycle and automobile racing and increase the efficiency of motorsports operations.”

The new logo incorporates a more stylized rendition of the old logo. More italicized than the old logo, the HRC logo also features a more saturated red along with a different shade of blue that is closer to navy. The old logo had lighter color tones. It’s still blue and red with a white outline, but the new design looks more modern and not as traditional as the old one. 

Honda Racing Company Logo Old

Old HRC logo 

It’s also said that the new logo is meant to celebrate the inclusion of automotive motorsports, but it is also hinting at the brand thrust to electrification and alternate fuels. While the changes are subtle, the italicization of the HRC logo looks faster and more modern. The styling elements incorporated seem to make the logo look faster, and what racing company doesn’t want to look fast? 

“In order to strive to make motorsports sustainable and more attractive for everyone, we will take on challenges in other areas such as carbon-neutral fuels and combustion technologies, in addition to electrification. Technologies we refine through motorsports will be incorporated into various products, not only for motorsports, which will continue to support future Honda,” Toshihiro Mibe added. 

Honda fans can come to expect new technologies and innovations on the race track following this symbolic move by the company. It’s a well-known fact that brands take to the race track to develop and prove unproven technologies. The company may have a new logo, but the brand aims to keep the same level of success for future endeavors. 

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