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Honda is expected to unveil the new Hawk 11 in the 2022 Osaka Motor Show

Keep your eyes peeled for more details about this historic model.

Honda Hawk 11 Teaser

It’s official, Honda is resurrecting the iconic Hawk nameplate. Those of you who have been motorcycle aficionados for many years will undoubtedly be familiar with this name. Released briefly in the Philippine market in the 70s, the most popular was the CB400 Hawk, powered by a 360-degree parallel twin engine. Interestingly, the new Hawk 11, expected to debut this year, will feature a parallel-twin engine, too, but that’s where the similarities end. 

The Honda Hawk 11 has been confirmed by the iconic Japanese manufacturer, and is expected to debut at the Osaka Motor Show later this year. Honda has, in fact, released a teaser of the new bike, showing us the front end as well as a part of the fuel tank. Unsurprisingly, the Hawk takes on a neo-retro approach, and features a round headlight with a cowl, as well as a muscular fuel tank. Other than that, nothing else in terms of styling is known about the bike. Now, we already know that Honda is an expert when it comes to neo-retro styling. Bikes like the CB650R and the CB1100 EX are masterclasses in the art of retro-modern styling. It’s beneath the skin where the Hawk 11 is very interesting. 

Africa Twin Engine

In Europe, Honda revealed the NT1100 touring bike. Based off the platform of the ever-capable Africa Twin, the NT1100 boasted the same powerful 270-degree parallel twin. Well, surprise, surprise, this engine is once again making a comeback in the upcoming Hawk 11, well, at least it’s speculated by numerous Japanese automotive websites and journals.

Given this, we can expect the upcoming Hawk 11 to be a sporty, albeit touring-friendly neo-retro offering. The 1,084cc parallel twin is capable of around 100 horsepower, depending on its state of tune, so it’s definitely no slouch. As such, we can also expect to see the Hawk 11 to feature two transmission options: a conventional six-speed manual, and a fancy, more premium dual-clutch (DCT) option. 

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