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Have a look at the new colors for the Suzuki V-Strom 650

Update for the 2022 model year? Take it to the paint shop and it’s good to go!

Suzuki V-Strom 650 New Colors 2022

The Suzuki V-Strom 650 has been around since time immemorial. The 650 in particular is a fan favorite with its tried and tested V-twin engine, which can also be found in the Suzuki SV650, an industry favorite that’s also a little long in the tooth. 

Anyway, Suzuki seems to be moving a few gears for its V-twin adventurer. The brand has been busy launching new bikes like the Hayabusa and the GSX-S1000, and the V-Strom is yet another model in the lineup to get an update, albeit a minor one. 

So the 650 range of Suzuki has sat stagnant in terms of engine, tech, and features for quite some time, but buyers might want to wait a little bit longer as new colors have just been announced by the brand, at least in the UK market. The 2022 models will get a new splash of paint in the near future, with a total of three new color options that definitely looks compelling. 

2022 Suzuki V-Strom New Colors
2022 Suzuki V-Strom New Colors

The first color option is pearl white with some blue graphics down the side. The next option is an inverse of that with blue on the body supplemented by white decals. The last color option is black with yellow, for those of you who enjoy just a little pop to get the blood flowing. 

Even the XT range of V-Strom bikes will get a new coat. Remember, the XT also comes with wire-spoked wheels, so it looks even more adventurous. Perhaps the classiest of the bunch is the pearl white with some black and gold decals slapped on. As the most color-coordinated of the bunch, the decals match well with the wheels and the option the cleanest look in the line. Then you get a black and blue. It’s stealthier than the rest and second in terms of cool to the more predominantly blue colorway, which is more blue than black. Finally, if you want the loudest color of the bunch, then go with the bright yellow with blue decals. 

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