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An electric motorcycle by Royal Enfield is in the works.

Royal Enfield’s CEO confirms its development.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield motorcycles have been seeing a lot of success globally, especially with the sales of their Continental GT, and Interceptor 650 twins. Now, the brand is more than just looking into commissioning an electric motorcycle with a custom builder, they want to make their own. This was confirmed when Royal Enfield’s CEO, Vinod Dasari made a statement about their plans on electric motorcycles and its various stages of development throughout India.

Electric is something we have been thinking about for quite some time. We are trying to figure out exactly which segment is the right segment for us. Electric is something we take very seriously.

No other details about the current development stages of their electric motorcycles were given by Dasari, but the confirmation is enough to get the press excited about it. At this point, all that’s been confirmed is that Royal Enfield is in fact working on one or more electric bikes and that one or more prototypes already exist, and its development will move forward into one or more segments they see fit. At this point, Royal Enfield could have been working for much longer on its electric motorcycle development even months before Dasari made the announcement. 

We may not be seeing the bigger picture just yet as news like this would come more in bits and pieces. While we’d love to see some spy shots of Royal Enfield’s electric prototype, it looks like we’ll have to wait just a little longer until some photos emerge online. Until then, we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted for any more updates about Royal Enfield’s electric motorcycle development.

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