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Ducati introduces the Dark Stealth Streetfighter V4

It comes along with its much-needed engine update.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 Dark Stealth

After only a year since the Ducati Streetfighter V4 was introduced to the market, the new bike was already facing challenges as Euro 5 emissions standards were getting more stringent. While the new model could have been forced out of its lineup with the looming restrictions, its engineers were quick to act on updating its engine components to make sure the Streetfighter V4 stays in the market. To celebrate this feat, Ducati introduced a new color option for the model — Dark Stealth. 

Ducati Streetfigher V4 Dark Stealth

With the updates on the Streetfighter V4, it still retains its peak power and torque figures. However, its peak figures are now achieved in different rev ranges. Its 208 hp is now achieved at 13,000 RPM which is 250 RPM higher than before. Meanwhile, its peak torque of 123 Nm is now achieved at 9,500 RPM, which is now lower by 2,000 RPM than the Euro 4 model. 

Ducati Streetfigher V4 Dark Stealth

To comply with Euro 5 standards without sacrificing performance, Ducati made use of larger catalysts in its exhaust system and changed the materials used to absorb the engine’s pollutants. At the same time, the rear bank of the engine’s cylinders now have oxygen sensors on each cylinder and now run on a shorter and narrower manifold that reroutes the path of the exhaust. In addition, it now sports some new front brake master cylinders and a self-purging clutch, similar to that of the new Superleggera V4.

Unlike the Scrambler Icon Dark Edition, which uses more basic components making it the most affordable variant within its range, the same cannot be said for the Streetfighter V4. The Dark Stealth Streetfighter V4 is priced almost  £300 (P18,900) more than the standard red which is now priced at £20,295 (P1,280,000) in the U.K. Of course, at the moment, Ducati Philippines still has not made any new and official announcements regarding the availability and pricing of the Euro 5 compliant Streetfighter V4, as well as its new Dark Stealth color option. At the moment, the Euro 4 compliant Streetfigher V4 starts at P1,350,000. 

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