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Could the Offset OFR-M1 be the future of dirt bikes?

An electric off-roader with loads of performance.

Could the Offset OFR-M1 be the future of dirt bikes?

Electric scooters and motorcycles are beginning to take the world by storm. Although it may not seem like it in the local market, several other countries around the world have begun taking steps towards the mainstream adoption of electric-powered two-wheelers. Unsurprisingly, most new e-scooters are rather boring, appliance-like machines. However, every once in a while, a performance-oriented electric motorcycle pops up to the surface, and we’re all about it. 

Coming all the way from Denmark, Offset Motorcycles has revealed its newest, performance-oriented creation in the form of the OFR-M1 off-road electric bike. Designed with utmost minimalism in mind, the OFR-M1 boasts the simplistic styling of a scrambler with the off-road capability of a dirt bike. Truly, the Offset OFR-M1 puts an exciting new spin on electric two-wheelers. 

OFR-M1 Electric Motorcycle

As you can see, the OFR-M1 is little more than a tubular frame with two wheels and an electric motor in the middle. This definitely results in a lightweight, agile, and exhilarating experience. The fact that this bike’s electric motor pumps out an instantaneous 25 kW of power, or the equivalent of 33 horsepower, means that it’ll definitely be a capable machine. More specifically, Offset Motorcycles has used a high power, mid-drive, three-phase, radial-flux electric motor equipped with air cooling and multiple riding modes. 

”We are extremely happy to be able to reveal the design. We have spent many months perfecting our product vision and we believe that the outcome is a reflection of that.”

Offset Motorcycles promises a riding time of 1.5 hours out of the bike’s 6.2kWH battery pack. While the OFR-M1 isn’t a street legal machine, Offset has stated that it is currently working on a street-legal version of this bike, likely to provide a little more range for added practicality.  Do you think a bike like this would have a place in the local market? 

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