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CFMOTO pulls the covers off the 800MT in the Philippine market

Available in either Sport or Touring, the CFMOTO 800MT starts at just P515,000.

CFMOTO pulls the covers off the 800MT in the Philippine market

CFMOTO, one of the fastest-growing big bike manufacturers, especially in the Philippines, has been in the news recently for a variety of reasons. For starters, the 700 CL-X Sport was just released in the local market. Furthermore, CFMOTO's collaboration with Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has finally resulted in the 800MT adventure bike, and it's finally in the Philippines.

CFMOTO Philippines never fails to amaze us with their incredible value for money, performance, and reliability. The 800MT is arguably the company’s first step into an even bigger adventure, as it’s clearly a cut above the rest of CFMOTO’s lineup. As mentioned, the bike was co-developed with KTM, and features an iteration of the 799cc LC8 parallel-twin engine. It’s by far the most powerful bike in CFMOTO’s roster with 95 horsepower on tap. Additionally, it comes standard with KYB suspension components and cornering ABS.

2022 CFMOTO 800MT

The CFMOTO 800MT was officially unveiled in the local market via an online event on February 12, 2022. For the local market, it’s going to be available in two variants—Sport and Touring. The two bikes are differentiated primarily by their wheel setups, with the Sport featuring standard alloy wheels. The Touring version gets more premium wire-spoke wheels, which are more robust and capable of handling rough terrain. Plus, they give the bike that unmistakable ADV appearance. 

Of course, CFMOTO, being the incredible value-for-money brand that it is, ensured that the 800MT was chock-full of high-end features. As such, we find things like a full-color TFT screen, ride-by-wire throttle, multiple riding modes, and even a bidirectional quick shifter as standard equipment on this machine—features you’d expect to find in bikes way above its price bracket. Speaking of price, the CFMOTO 800MT starts at the affordable price tag of just P515,000 for the Sport, and P565,000 for the touring—undercutting the competition by a substantial margin.

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