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Castrol’s Partner for Life program bears fruit

Aimed at developing the best motorcycle mechanics in the country

castrol partner for life

Castrol’s annual advocacy program, Partner for Life, educates mechanics on proper motorcycle handling and servicing. By qualifying in a series of tests and challenges in the proprietary training courses of the program, participants are set to compete for the title of Champion Mechanics in the Partner for Life Grand Finale.

Such was the case with 2017, as mechanics Julius Maranga, Georekey Cantabaco, and Gabriel Hidalgo Jr. emerged as the latest team to win Castrol’s Partner for Life Program. Together with business owner John Ceniza, the three have constantly given their best to serve the customers of the Cebu-based Drake’s Motor Parts.

On top of spreading the competitive spirit amongst mechanics nationwide, Castrol Partner for Life promotes road safety and helps to ensure that motorcycles on the road are performing at their best.

In addition, by introducing mechanics to formal training in motorcycle repair and maintenance, the program not only helps to sharpen the skills and competencies of mechanics. It also helps to sustain businesses in this field, assuring continued livelihood for those employed in the sector.

Apart from the Philippines, similar programs are also run in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Winners from all these countries then participate in the Castrol Asia Pacific Mechanic Contest.

Maranga, Cantabaco, Hidalgo and Ceniza began their Partner for Life journey in 2015, determined to improve their skills as motorcycle mechanics and to help the motorcycle business to succeed. The team was ‘third time lucky’; taking home the title of Philippine Champion Mechanics through the skills and teamwork they have developed over time.

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