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Cardo Systems and Ducati launch the new DCS3 based on the PackTalk Neo

A Ducati-style comm system to match your fancy, red machines.

Cardo Systems and Ducati launch the new DCS3 based on the PackTalk Neo

Cardo Systems is a globally renowned manufacturer of motorcycle communication devices. Since 2004, the company has been producing communication systems exclusively designed for motorcyclists. These systems are widely used by riders from diverse backgrounds for various types of rides, including off-road, group rides on the street, and even solo rides for listening to music and staying connected.

It is not unusual for Cardo Systems to collaborate with motorcycle manufacturers to launch special edition communicators that incorporate the branding of the manufacturer. For example, Cardo recently partnered with KTM, and in the past, the company has worked with Ducati on two separate occasions. For 2023, Cardo Systems and Ducati have once again joined forces to release their latest communicator, the Ducati Communication System V3 (DCS3), which is their third-generation product.

Similar to its predecessors, the DCS3 is essentially a regular PackTalk unit that has been given a custom Ducati-designed appearance. In this instance, the collaboration incorporates Cardo's mid-range option, the Packtalk Neo. The Neo is positioned between the entry-level Slim and the high-end Edge models and provides the same technology and features as the Edge, but without the magnetic clip. With a range of approximately one mile, the Neo is capable of linking up to 15 riders concurrently, thanks to its Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology.

As previously noted, the DCS3 can be linked to the rider's mobile phone using a mobile app. This app enables the user to customize audio settings, manage groups, and download software updates. Additionally, besides the DMC feature, the Neo also features a Bluetooth comms mode, which allows it to connect with other non-Cardo communicators. Cardo boasts an impressive battery life of 13 hours, and it takes only two hours to charge the device fully. Moreover, a mere 20-minute charge can provide up to two hours of talk time.

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