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Brembo will soon be releasing a QR code system to verify the authenticity of its products

Are those shiny Brembo brakes on your bike the real deal?

Brembo QR Code Checker

The story of fake and counterfeit products, especially when it comes to motorcycle parts and accessories is nothing new. Head over to your nearest tabi-tabi motorcycle shop, and you’re bound to find knock-offs of some of the world’s most popular mufflers. Akrapofake, SC Kopya, and Yoshi Mura are among the biggest offenders, but there is indeed an endless list of counterfeit motorcycle products out there.

As such, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are taking steps in guaranteeing the authenticity of their products. The technology counterfeit makers are using is advancing so quickly that it’s fast becoming difficult to tell the fakes apart from the originals. Brembo, one of the world’s most popular OEM and aftermarket braking system manufacturers, has leveraged the power of technology to provide a safeguard to its loyal customers. Soon, all Brembo products will come equipped with a unique QR code which, when scanned, will validate the authenticity by back-checking with Brembo’s production output. 

Brembo QR Code checker

Brembo, in fact, is so committed to guaranteeing authenticity that they developed an application just for this. It’s called Brembo Check, and it will soon be available for download. Simply scan the QR code found on Brembo products through the app, and it’ll immediately check if the product is original. Even if counterfeit products are able to imitate the QR code, they more than likely won’t be able to imitate Brembo’s extensive backend systems.

Furthermore, the QR code found on each individual Brembo product cannot be tampered with or transferred to another product. Doing so immediately destroys the QR code sticker, thereby invalidating the authenticity of the product involved. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the authenticity of a certain Brembo product, be it OEM or aftermarket, you can also get in touch with Brembo directly through its customer service contacts and various social media platforms. 

Counterfeit products on motorcycles have long been a problem plaguing the global industry. Fake mufflers, accessories, and gadgets definitely go a long way in lowering the value of a motorcycle, as well as making it unfit for safe road use. However, when it comes to components as vital as your brakes, fitting a counterfeit set could literally spell the difference between life and death. 

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