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BMW Motorrad opens a new dealership in Pampanga under the LausGroup of Companies

Together with SMC Asia Car Distributors, The LausGroup opens the largest BMW Motorrad dealership in the country.

BMW Premier Motorrad Pampanga LausGroup of Companies

In the city of San Fernando, Pampanga, you can find the largest BMW Motorrad dealership in the country so far. Bigger than the location in Libis, and with a large service station for clients north of the metro. Called Premier Motorrad, the LausGroup together with SMC Asia Car Distributors officially open the first standalone showroom dealership of Motorrad in Pampanga. 

“We are glad to open the first and only BMW Motorrad Dealership North of Manila, and through the one-stop-shop Premier Motorrad, the LausGroup will continue to provide the best service for our clients, and make more BMW motorbikes accessible to such a diverse and robust riding community here and to the nearby provinces.”
BMW Premier Motorrad LausGroup of Companies Opening
BMW Premier Motorrad LausGroup of Companies Opening

Up to 14 bikes from BMW’s rich lineup of offerings can be displayed at a time. If you take a stroll through the new establishment’s warm and welcoming showroom floor, you’ll be able to see everything from the brand’s Adventure, Sport, and Heritage lines all at once. Under the LausGroup of Companies, it is the only authorized dealer of BMW Motorrad north of Metropolitan Manila. 

The new dealership is also a full-service facility and it comes with up to six work bays for mechanics to service BMW Motorrad bikes. There are two hand-over areas and there are also displays that offer BMW-approved riding gear, equipment, and Ride and Style merchandise. 

August 17, 2022, marks the official opening of Premier Motorrad in Pampanga. The launch also coincides with the birth anniversary of the LausGroup of Company’s late founder, Levy P. Laus, and also the group’s 45th founding anniversary. 

BMW Premier Motorrad LausGroup of Companies Opening
BMW Premier Motorrad LausGroup of Companies Opening

The dealership is located along Jose Abad Santos Avenue in San Fernando City, Pampanga, and it also has a BMW car dealership right next to it. The total land area of the new Motorrad is already at a staggering 679 square meters, and that’s not counting the frontage of the building which houses the cars. 

Premier Motorrad will cater to existing and would-be clients of BMW Motorrad in Northern and Central Luzon, as well as neighboring areas. With the LausGroup of Companies, the dealer aims to provide excellent customer care and satisfaction, which is in keeping with the LausGroup’s reputation in the industry. 

“This Premier Motorrad was made possible by the trust and confidence of the riding community and BMW Motorrad enthusiasts. We express our gratitude to our principal, SMC Asia Car Distributors for trusting LGC to elevate a new experience of riding here in Central and Northern Luzon.”

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