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BMW Motorrad and TVS extend partnership to electric motorcycles

We could see the fruit of this joint effort in less than two years.

BMW Motorrad TVS electric motorcycle

BMW Motorrad and Indian brand TVS Motor Company have reached a new agreement to produce electric motorcycles. The joint effort is an extension of an existing long-term partnership that has seen BMW release TVS-produced sub-400cc models like the G 310 GS.

Under the new agreement, TVS will lead the design and development of upcoming BMW Motorrad products. It will also support supply chain management and industrialization.

The new world of future mobility encompasses a strong play through alternate solutions, including electric mobility. Expanding this successful partnership to EVs and other newer platforms will create opportunities to deliver advanced technology and aspirational products to global markets and bring valuable synergies to both companies.

The two companies will look to develop common platforms for exciting new models by taking advantage of emerging technologies in the mobility industry, the most significant of which is electric vehicles.

Last month, BMW began production of its CE-04 electric maxi scooter. The futuristic motorcycle aroused skepticism from some due to its marked departure from conventional design. BMW unveiled the model as a concept vehicle before biting the bullet and taking it to factory lines.

If the CE-04 is any indication of BMW's ambitions with electric vehicles, its partnership with TVS could prove to be a fruitful one down the line. It could even pave the way for a truly mass-market, affordable electric motorcycle from no less than BMW.

While the prospect of TVS and BMW's new partnership is exciting, it could be a while before the brands unveil their first all-electric model. According to reports from India, we may have to wait up to two years to see it. However, knowing what both brands have accomplished working together in the past, it's no doubt that this could be the beginning of something special.

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