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The BMW F 900 XR is finally in the Philippines

It will set you back P975K.

2020 BMW F 900 XR

When BMW launched the F 900 R naked sportbike in the Philippines, the bike was instantaneously lauded for its impressive performance, premium features, and affordable price tag. The F 900 R is indeed the most affordable big bike in BMW’s local arsenal. 

Boasting an 895cc parallel-twin pumping out an impressive 105 hp, the F 900 R had enough power to make it a hooligan machine, yet was refined enough to be friendly for those not too accustomed to piloting big bikes just yet. That being said, BMW waited nearly a year before launching the F 900 R’s more touring oriented sibling, the F 900 XR. Now the F 900 XR is a motorcycle considered by many, to have merged the best of both worlds—the F 900 R’s potent yet not overbearing engine, with the S 1000 XR’s sport-touring ability. 

2020 BMW F 900 XR

Unlike BMW’s flagship adventure touring range, the GS, the F 900 XR is a more road-oriented machine, geared towards long distance riding but with performance and sporty riding in mind. Equipped with the same 895cc engine as the F 900 R, the XR is also fitted with a slew of electronic rider aids, keeping all 105 ponies in check. It comes with Road and Rain riding modes, as well as Automatic Stability Control. 

Additionally, those of you who want to get even more out of their purchase can opt for additional Pro riding modes which consist of Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, as well as Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), cornering ABS, and selectable engine braking. The BMW F 900 XR starts at P975,000 and boasts an industry-leading 5 year, or 500,000 kilometer warranty—whichever comes first. Conversely, for those of you who prefer the naked sportbike version, the F 900 R continues to be a best-seller with a retail price starting at P655,000. 

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