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Is a Benelli V-twin powered adventure bike coming soon?

Benelli’s parent firm QJ Motor recently filed patents for the new V2 Enduro.

Is a Benelli V-twin powered adventure bike coming soon?

QJ Motor, Benelli's parent firm, is one of those manufacturers that never seems to run out of new models to develop. It appears to have hundreds, if not thousands, of full-time employees churning out new ideas and variants on current models. The brand debuted almost a dozen concept motorcycles in 2021 alone. However, only a few of them have made it to the global market under the Benelli or QJ Motor labels.

QJ Motor intends to introduce its SRK and SRV models to the European market. As a result, QJ's newest initiatives seem geared towards matching the performance of its European and Japanese rivals, particularly in the rapidly growing middleweight ADV market. The Chinese company recently patented designs for a new  V2 Enduro, and it fits excellently into the twin-cylinder ADV sector occupied by the likes of the Yamaha Tenere 700 and CFMOTO 800T.

QJ Motor V2 Enduro

The engine powering the V2 Enduro appears to be quite similar to that found in the Suzuki SV650 and V-Strom 650, according to pictures supplied by QJ Motor. If it's a reverse-engineered SV650 motor, we're looking at decades-old technology on an ostensibly new enduro, at least in terms of the engine. Nonetheless, if it's anything like the genuine SV650 engine, it should be capable of producing roughly 70 horsepower.

Aside from the engine, the photos indicate that the future V2 Enduro will be a more off-road, rally-style motorcycle. The bike will tout long-travel suspension and tubeless wire-spoke wheels, as you can see. However, its thin and skinny swingarm, which seems out of place when contrasted to the rest of the bike's robust components, raises some concerns and makes the bike look like it skipped leg day. Regardless, the style of the V2 Enduro is definitely influenced by today's generation of middleweight ADVs. 

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