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Benda enters middleweight naked segment with LFS700 Tang Knife

Is this knife sharp enough to slice and dice the competition?

Benda enters middleweight naked segment with LFS700 Tang Knife

It would appear that Benda, an up and coming Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, has been working hard in developing and releasing enticing bikes which would suit the tastes of a wide audience of motorcycle enthusiasts. Benda captured the attention of the world when it pulled the covers off the LFC700 cruiser, a bike which received quite a lot of notoriety thanks to its unique inline-four motor, and wide 300-section rear tire.

Following the launch of the LFC700 in the Chinese market, the motorcycle manufacturer unveiled its entry level offering, the Greystone BD300–a 298cc V-twin-equipped cruiser which sports retro styling. This beginner-oriented motorcycle will likely do battle against the likes of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, if and when it makes it to the global market. This time around, Benda has turned heads yet again with the launch of its sharp naked streetfighter aptly named the Tang Knife. Designated the LFS700, the Tang Knife is undoubtedly a unique streetfighter. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Benda LFS700 Tang Knife

The Benda LFS700 Tang Knife is equipped with the same 680cc inline-four cylinder engine found in the LFC700 cruiser. It’s been mapped to churn out a respectable 94 horsepower—at par with the likes of the Honda CB650R, currently one of the most powerful bikes in the 650cc naked sportbike class. The LFS700 Tang Knife gets a six-speed manual transmission outfitted with a slipper-assist clutch. As far as underpinnings go, the Benda Tang Knife gets some premium kit. Its suspension consists of inverted front forks up front, and a preload-adjustable rear mono-shock. Brembo anchors equipped with ABS confidently put this welterweight to a stop. 

Perhaps one of the most striking features of the new Tang Knife is its styling. It’s clear that Benda has gone with the whole neo-retro styling approach. However, the way they did it is rather interesting. It seems that Benda has employed a thoroughly original design accentuated by extremely angular bodywork and a rather unique tail section which extends over the exhaust system. As far as pricing is concerned, the Benda LFS700 Tang Knife retails for CNY 38,800, or around P300,000—pretty incredible value for money considering the level of performance this motorcycle brings to the table.

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