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Aprilia expected to launch new small-displacement sportbike very soon

The silhouette of a sportbike was teased on Aprilia's social media accounts.

Aprilia expected to launch new small-displacement sportbike very soon

In recent times, compact sportbikes have been attracting more attention due to the introduction of new models that deliver impressive performance and showcase advanced technology. Notably, some of the most recent additions to this category originate from China, with the 450SR standing out. This lightweight sportbike combines an aggressive, sporty design with street-friendly capabilities. With this trend in mind, it raises the question: Could Aprilia be the next brand to enter this market?

A recent teaser on Aprilia's official Instagram account showcases the silhouette of a sportbike along with the intriguing caption, "Here's proof you can fall in love on a blind date," and a reveal date of September 7, 2023. This strongly suggests that Aprilia has a significant surprise in store for us on that day. There is substantial speculation that this unveiling might finally introduce the long-awaited small-displacement sportbike from Aprilia. Interestingly, as of now, Aprilia has kept all details about this bike under wraps, including its name.

Aprilia is reportedly developing a 300cc to 400cc sportbike

Although there's a lack of official information regarding the bike, some observations can be made based on its teaser. It appears to be a fully faired sportbike that shares design cues with its larger counterparts, the RSV4 and RS 660.

Considering the "457" designation, it's plausible to speculate that this number could represent the bike's engine displacement. A 457cc engine would likely be too large for a single-cylinder setup, similar to the KTM RC 390. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that this bike might feature a parallel-twin engine, aligning with its bigger sibling, the RS 660.

The specific details regarding the engine's internal configuration remain unknown at this point. However, it's certainly a hope among enthusiasts that this new Aprilia sportbike might incorporate a 270-degree crankshaft, similar to the RS 660. If that's the case, it could indeed share similarities with the CFMoto 450SR, which boasts a 449cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine producing around 50 horsepower. Such features would likely make for an exciting and competitive small-displacement sportbike.

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