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The 2022 Honda CB500X is here to start your new adventures

The all-new adventure tourer is more capable than ever.

2022 Honda CB500X

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) has brought over the much-awaited 2022 CB500X to our shores. After making its debut in Europe, the all-new model has finally made its way to local Honda showrooms. The new model brings some significant improvements, and it could be an option to think about in the adventure-touring segment.

In the post-pandemic landscape, more and more people are developing a thirst for adventure. Yet, they also want machines that they can take with them on their daily commutes. For these purposes, Honda believes its all-new adventure touring bike can get the job done in style.

2022 Honda CB500X

Specs-wise, the CB500X is more than capable of what Honda claims its customers seek. The adventure-tourer features a punchy 471cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke parallel-twin engine, more than big enough to take on our expressways. The mill makes about 47 hp while delivering 43.2 Nm of torque at 6,500 RPM.

Honda also touts the all-new CB500X's fuel economy figures, which it says is at 27.8 km/L. That's a relatively healthy clip, and it should help the bike compete with the best in its segment. 

On new features, the CB500X gets a new front suspension with Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD forks. The inverted forks feature a stunning gold finish. As for the rear, it gets a Prolink Mono with a 5-stage pre-load adjuster. The brakes also get an upgrade as the front gets a dual-disc system on a larger, 19-inch front wheel. 

2022 Honda CB500X

The CB500X is thoroughly aggressive, and it's made even more so by the color options: Grand Prix Red and Gunpowder Black Metallic. The Honda CB500X is available now at Honda Motors dealerships. The all-new motorcycle retails for P380,000. If you want a versatile adventure-tourer that you can take on long rides in different terrain, something that won't let you down when you most need it, then this could be just the bike for you.

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