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2 new Honda PCX models unveiled in the global market

Say hello to the Honda PCX 160 and PCX e:HEV.

2021 Honda PCX 160

Honda has undoubtedly been one of the strongest players in the scooter industry for the better part of half a century. Having revolutionized the scooter industry with the Honda Cub, which in fact holds the record for the best selling vehicle in the world, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer shows no signs of slowing down in terms of product innovation. 

That being said, Honda has launched an updated version of its popular PCX scooter. What once featured a 150cc engine has now been bumped up to 156cc. The new scooter features a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that pumps out 15.6 hp at 8,500 rpm and 15 Nm of torque at 6,590 rpm. Although slightly higher in terms of displacement, the new engine only makes 1 hp more than the previous engine. In that case, the bump in displacement was likely done for emissions compliance. 

2021 Honda PCX 160

On top of the displacement bump, the PCX 160 has been fitted with an updated exhaust system as well as a revised intake manifold. The scooter also receives an updated digital display which shows an abundance of information including Honda Selectable Torque Control, along with the other standard features. As is the case with most scooters of this caliber, the PCX 160 features an ample 30.4 liters of under-seat storage. 

Another interesting scooter to roll out of Honda’s factory is the upcoming PCX e:HEV, which is a hybrid scooter with an AC electric motor supplementing power to a 125cc engine. The PCX e:HEV shares the same styling, features, and underpinnings as its standard counterpart. The electric motor generates an additional 1.9 hp and 4.3 Nm of torque. In total, with both gas and electric motors working in unison, the PCX e:HEV makes about the same power and torque as the PCX 160, albeit with a significantly extended kilometer to liter ratio.  

At the moment, Honda Philippines has yet to announce the availability of these 2 new models. With that, if you’re in the market for a new Honda scooter, you’ll be best served by the Honda PCX 150, which comes with a sticker price of P133,900. 

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