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12 hand-painted helmets to be made for Royal Enfield’s 120th anniversary

Each helmet is hand-painted and only 120 units of each design will be made.

Royal Enfield 120 Years Helmet

Royal Enfield seems to have some sort of an obsession with good paint. Whether it’s on their bikes like the Continental GT 650 or the Interceptor 650, the brand continually offers some of the most novel paintjobs in the industry. Now in its 120th year on this planet, the brand is doing something a little special, not with bikes, but with helmets. 

Timelessness definitely plays a part when it comes to Royal Enfield motorcycles. The brand has long since been “stuck” in the era of classics, to the acclaim of many classic riders. Remaining true to its roots, Royal Enfield is taking 12 classic-style motorcycle helmets, painting them, and launching them as a special series of limited-edition 120 Years helmets. 

As stated, there will be a total of 12 helmets from this limited run of lids. Each helmet design will represent one decade of Royal Enfield’s existence. Each helmet will be released on different dates and will be limited to only 120 units. That being said, there will be a total of 1,440 helmets in total. Considering the amount of Royal Enfield riders and fans there are throughout the globe, it’s not a stretch to say that these lids will be some of the most coveted Royal Enfield-branded merch that you could possibly get if you can get one. 

The first design is already on Royal Enfield’s website. It’s open-face with a clear bubble face shield, which is an homage to the brand’s very first motorcycle that was showcased at the London Stanley Cycle Show that occurred all the way back in 1901. 

You have about three days from now to place your order on this helmet, but here’s the catch, the helmet is only available to ship within India. Now, that’s a bit of a problem if you live in the Philippines. 

Still, considering the rarity of such a limited-edition helmet, and given the fanaticism for the Royal Enfield brand, the price of 6,950 Indian Rupees seems like a very fair and reasonable price. That roughly translates to about P5,000, minus shipping and handling of course. 

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