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Top 5 accessories for sport bikes

Looking to spice up the experience of riding a sport bike? Here are a few things you can do.

Honda CBR Sport Bike

If you’re all about the sporty motorcycle lifestyle, getting started with modifications for your sportbike can be very enjoyable. After all, aftermarket support for sportbikes goes far with the number of riders who enjoy racing on the track and enthusiasts who enjoy carving up twisty roads. As such, accessories and modifications for your sportbike can go from something as simple as a new decal package to something as advanced as a full engine rebuild. However, for the majority of riders out there, starting out with something simple can certainly elevate the riding experience without breaking the bank. If you currently own a sportbike and are looking to begin on a few simple accessories, here are 5 you can start with.

Exhaust system

Honda CBR500R Exhaust

The first and possibly most popular item you can purchase for your sportbike is an exhaust system. You can either get a slip-on system which would be more cost-effective or a full system exhaust which would be better for motorcycle performance. Either way, an exhaust system can definitely elevate the experience of climbing up the revs and going through upshifts and downshifts when leaning through the twisties. Remember to purchase an exhaust system that complies with the noise decibel limits of your area for compliance purposes—and for ear health as well.

Steering stabilizer

Kawasaki ZX6R Steering Stabilizer

Sportbikes are designed to have relatively aggressive suspension setups. If you’ve experienced a bit of wobble or headshake on the handlebars when riding, this is because sportbikes have more aggressive front suspension rake and trail angles. Steering stabilizers can help reduce the amount of wobble or headshake on your motorcycle by slowing down abrupt movements in steering while allowing for slower turning during normal usage. Steering stabilizers are popular accessories for sportbikes due to their aggressive suspension design and can be a great accessory to have if you’re looking to make your motorcycle ride a bit safer.

Bar-end mirrors

Kawasaki Ninja Bar End Mirrors

Because of the fully-faired design of sportbikes, side mirrors are typically mounted on the front fairing near the headlight and can often stick out like a sore thumb. Stock side mirrors can be hard to reach in order to adjust, and can also be difficult to manage when filtering through traffic. Bar-end mirrors on the other hand can very much elevate the look of your sportbike, giving it a more clean-looking aesthetic without having to ditch side mirrors altogether. Bar-end mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes, so it would be important to find a set that matches your specific needs when it comes to size, visibility, bike fit, and price.

Tail tidy

Yamaha R3 Tail Tidy

If you’re already thinking about bar-end mirrors and are looking to bring out that edgy look from your motorcycle, getting rid of the bulky tail section can give your motorcycle’s rear a refreshed and clean aesthetic. Tail tidy accessories can be had for a price that won’t break the bank, and often come with solutions for your number plate light and your turn indicators. They’re also often easy to install and can be done at home with the right tools, and can be easily removed in case you’d want to eventually switch back to your stock tail component.

Rearset footpegs

Honda CBR500R Foot Pegs

The last accessory for your sportbike is one for the dedicated sport rider. Rearset footpegs provide the rider with a more aggressive stance on the bike, where forward and sideward lean can be managed more easily. With this accessory, footpegs are also less prone to scraping on the pavement since pegs are often moved rearward and upward—which means riders can more confidently bring their sportbikes into a lean without fear of damaging components. Rearset footpegs are also often adjustable, which means riders can tailor fit the foot position to the desired ergonomic position. If you’re looking to get serious with the sportbike lifestyle, rearset footpegs should be on your list as an accessory to get.

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