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How much does it cost to maintain a motorcycle per year?

What’s the biggest amount you’ve spent on parts and maintenance?

How much does it cost to maintain a motorcycle per year?

Maintaining a motorcycle is one of the most important aspects of owning one. We want our rides to perform well and last for years and years. That said, there are costs to keeping a bike in top condition. 

If you're considering buying a motorcycle or upgrading to a bigger one, you should know how much you'll be spending on maintenance in any given year. From scooters and commuters to naked bikes and sportbikes, how much does it cost to maintain a motorcycle annually?

Smaller bikes

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Scooters, underbones, and other smaller bikes are built with less complex designs, more compact machinery, and sometimes fewer parts. These models are generally considered to be 200cc motorcycles and below. Small bikes are popular in the Philippines, and there are visibly more of them on the road than big bikes. More small bikes may mean better availability of parts, which could result in lower costs. So, it stands to reason that these types of motorcycles tend to be less expensive to maintain than their larger counterparts.

Many smaller motorcycles also have shorter service intervals, which means your preventive maintenance schedule might be due every 1000 km or so. However, the exact interval depends on the brand, model, and service center. 

PMS procedures will generally consist of an engine oil change, filter replacement, and other minor work. Some visits may entail more things to replace, depending on the prescribed schedule. Either way, you can expect to pay between P5,000-P10,000+ on preventive maintenance each year, not including the cost of parts that aren't replaced regularly. It should be noted that you have a better chance of reaching the low end of this figure if you take regular care of your bike and do much of the maintenance yourself.

Bigger bikes

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Bigger bikes with large-displacement engines can be more expensive to maintain for a variety of reasons.The first is because big bikes are designed to handle more speed and power, so they're usually equipped with components that are harder to repair. Bigger motorcycles are also built to withstand more horsepower than small-engine bikes. This means that every piece of the drivetrain is built to be more durable. 

Beyond that, larger motorcycles have bigger tires that can cost more than smaller, skinnier tires. These bikes also tend to be equipped with a bigger fuel intake system, better brakes, and stabler suspension systems. Basically, every component of a big bike has to be larger and stronger, so it makes sense that replacing parts can be more expensive.

All in all, annual PMS costs for big bikes can be in the P10,000 to 20,000+ range. Again, it depends on which bike you have and which service center you have the work done. The type of oil and coolant you choose to purchase can also make a difference here. Service intervals for big bikes can be longer, around 3,000 to 4,000 kms, depending on the brand and model. 

Looking at the figures, we can deduce that some bikes can cost more to maintain than the average car. That label is reserved for only the most premium bikes, however.


So, how much can you expect to spend on motorcycle maintenance per year? As we've learned, it depends on a host of factors, including the brand, model, service center, engine displacement, and other considerations.

It should also be noted that each appointment and each year of PMS may cost differently due to the varied replacement schedules of your bike's components. For the first few years, you could generally enjoy lower maintenance costs and minimal broken parts. As your bike gets older, you may need to start paying more for parts here and there. 

Realistically, PMS costs for motorcycles can be as low as P5,000 to over P20,000 per year, depending on the bike. In addition to regular preventive maintenance, regular bike care is equally necessary for a well-performing machine. If you want your PMS costs to be as low as possible, taking care of your motorcycle outside of the service center might help with that. 

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