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Honda Africa Twin versus Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200 - Head to head

Two of Japan’s most popular heavyweight adventure bikes slug it out in this spec sheet brawl.

Honda Africa Twin vs Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200

If you have been riding a motorcycle for several years now, and consider yourself rather proficient in the fine art of piloting a heavy weight two wheeled machine, then chances are you are considering upgrading to a high-capacity machine in the not too distant future. In the Philippines, in particular, the adventure bike segment has been booming, with several options from. 

If you’re one who leans towards the Japanese manufacturers, there are several high-capacity adventure bikes to choose from. The most popular of which are undoubtedly the Honda CRF1100, also known as the Africa Twin, and the Yamaha XT1200Z, or more commonly referred to as the Super Ténéré. Today, let’s take a closer look at these two heavy-hitters, and compare and contrast just what these two bikes have to offer in the highly lucrative adventure-touring segment. 


2022 Honda Africa Twin

When it comes to performance, both the Africa Twin and Super Ténéré make use of a similar engine architecture. Let’s kick things off with the Yamaha. The Super Ténéré is powered by a massive 1,199cc parallel-twin engine. While not the most powerful liter-class motor with 109 horsepower on tap, it boasts impressive amounts of torque at 114Nm. Transferring power to the rear wheel is a smooth and supple shaft-drive system mated to a six-speed manual transmission. 

Meanwhile, the Honda Africa Twin is equipped with a torquey 1,084cc parallel twin engine with 100 horsepower and 105 Nm of torque on tap. Unlike the Super Ténéré 1200, the Africa Twin makes use of a more conventional chain final drive system mated to a six-speed manual or dual-clutch transmission (DCT). It’s more oriented for off-road use, thanks to its longer travel suspension, lightweight chassis, and burly, dual-purpose tires. 


Yamaha Super Tenere 1200

From a features standpoint, the Super Ténéré is the more barebones option. While not as technologically advanced as the Africa Twin, it does boast some creature comforts such as an adjustable windshield, as well as a height-adjustable saddle. The top-spec ES model features electronically adjustable suspension, traction control, and a two-position D-mode, which allows the rider to select between road and off-road riding modes. 

The Africa Twin, meanwhile, brings a more performance-oriented package to the table. Apart from a more lightweight frame and off-road suspension and tires, the Africa Twin brags a sophisticated electronics package consisting of HSTC, or Honda lingo for traction control, switchable ABS, multiple riding modes, and a full-color TFT display complete with Apple CarPlay. The Africa Twin has the Ténéré beat, too, in terms of nighttime visibility thanks to its full-LED lights. 


2022 Honda Africa Twin

As for pricing, you really do get what you pay for. Thanks to Africa Twin’s tech advantage, it costs a lot more, too, starting at P940,000 for the base model, and P1,160,000 for the top of the line Adventure Sports variant. The Adventure Sports sets itself apart with improved components such as off-road-ready tubeless spoked wheels, as well as an automatic transmission DCT version. 

Meanwhile, the Super Ténéré is a lot more affordable at P849,000, albeit misses out on the techie, off-road centric features we find on the Africa Twin. Nonetheless, for the money, it presents itself as a comfortable, versatile, adventure-ready bike that’s more oriented towards street and touring duty. 

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