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Big bike 101 - toll booth etiquette

How should you behave when paying the toll on the expressways?

Big bike 101 - toll booth etiquette

One of the many perks of riding a big bike is access to our expressways. The long-standing rule has been that only motorcycles with engine displacements of 400cc and above can access the expressways. While sure, anyone with tons of cash can go out and buy a shiny new big bike, this isn’t to say that everyone knows exactly how to behave when using the expressways. Today, let’s discuss the controversial topic of toll booth etiquette, as well as a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to how to behave when paying your toll fee. 

Get an RFID

Big bike 101 - toll booth etiquette

First and foremost, and we can’t stress this enough, get an RFID. Doing so ensures that you have the quickest, most hassle-free experience when it comes to paying your toll fees. Even now, we still see many motorcyclists on the expressways without an RFID, squeezing their way to the front of the queue only to be hassled because they’ve lined up in the RFID-only lane. 

Of course, it goes without saying that you have to pay attention to where you’re going. If you don’t have an RFID tag installed on your motorcycle, then you have absolutely no business being there, and thinking you’ll be able to pay cash without being reprimanded or getting a ticket. All that being said, it’s important to know where to queue up so as not to cause unnecessary delays for yourself, other motorists, and the toll booth operator. 

If there’s a line, queue up

Big bike 101 - toll booth etiquette

This brings us to our next point: line up. Just because we’re on two wheels and can fit in the spaces in between cars doesn’t mean we should cut straight to the front of the line. If you find yourself in a gridlock when approaching the tollbooth, take a look around you and observe the “body language” of the vehicles around you. If you’re lucky, some of them will move aside and wave you to pass them. Other times, you’ll see them signal you to pass them through their rear view mirrors. That being said, if traffic is simply too heavy, just slug it out and wait in line. 

Be courteous

Big bike 101 - toll booth etiquette

Last but not least, it always pays dividends to be polite and courteous, regardless of where you are. If you don’t have an RFID on your bike and you need to line up to pay in the cash lane, be courteous to the toll booth operator as he or she processes your payment and hands over your change. Yes, it can be quite a hassle and very inconvenient to have to queue up, however, consider yourself lucky to be riding a big bike in the first place. 

The same goes for when your RFID tag malfunctions. There’s no point in scolding or reprimanding the toll booth officer for a non-working tag—it isn’t their fault. Just hand over your card, allow them to scan it, and go on your way. The roads are already hostile enough, so keeping a cool head and testing others with courtesy certainly goes a long way in helping everyone have a good day. 

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