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MotoCamp Riding School: MotoCircuit 101—Course Details and Information

Learn the basics of motorcycle riding on track and at speed with MotoCamp.

MotoCamp Riding School Philippines

MotoCamp is a riding school based in the Philippines that caters to beginner riders who are looking to dip their toes into track riding, and to also improve their riding skills at speed. While other schools will give you a crash course on the basics of riding and managing yourself on a motorcycle, this course will give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques to ride 

Who is this course for?

MotoCamp Riding School

As far as riding courses are concerned, and the offerings that MotoCamp has in its current curriculum list, you have three levels which we will briefly cover. 

MotoCamp Riding School

The first is a from-zero approach: MotorCycles 101, which is perfect for those with limited or no experience with a motorcycle. MotoCamp can coach you on the proper operation of a two-wheeled vehicle with a manual transmission. The curriculum is perfect if you are starting out and immediately want to immerse yourself in track riding, or just riding at speed in general. The good thing about this course is that it is a one-on-one course that spans two days. 

MotoCamp Riding School

Second is the MotoCircuit 101 course, which will bring more concepts to the table, and more track riding techniques. After getting your feet wet with the basics, it’s now time to get more time on track and more time on the side of the tire. This is the course that we will be covering more of in this article. The course is geared towards beginner and intermediate riders. As such, it will see you spending more time riding and experiencing more on the bike. This course is a one-day course and can accommodate up to three students, or you can go about it individually. 

MotoCamp Riding School

Finally, you have MotoCoaching. As an advanced-level course, you will get a good amount of seat time with the coaches to further hone and improve your skills on the track and on the side of the tire. After learning the basics, this is the refinement stage of the curriculum and it can go on for as many sessions as possible. Just like MotoCircuit 101, the course will be per day and will accommodate up to three riders per coach. 

With the current menu of courses that MotoCamp offers, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re new to riding, or you’re a veteran looking to improve your skills on a motorcycle, MotoCamp has something for you. Do remember, however, that you will have to abide by the school’s requirements which require you to attend certain courses first before moving on to the next step. 

What you need to bring

MotoCamp Riding School

Track fees 

The MotoCamp Riding School is set up at Clark International Speedway (CIS) and as such it is subject to the rules and regulations of its home track. For CIS, each rider will be required to register P3,000 for the big track or P2,500 for the kart track. Do consult with your coach on what track you need to register for upon entry. Apart from that, you need to prepare P1,000 for the paddock usage for the classroom sessions and away from the bikes. 

MotoCamp Riding School Gear
MotoCamp Riding School


When it comes to gear, MotoCamp isn’t too picky about what you have and what you wear. However, being a track-riding school, gear that is suitable for circuit racing is preferable, though not absolutely necessary. As a beginner, going for a full racing suit is costly, but MotoCamp has partners in place that will be able to loan you a suit out for a day for a nominal fee. However, if you don’t want to spend too much, your standard road-riding equipment is okay to use. 

The gear requirements include: 

  • A full-face motorcycle helmet 
  • Riding jacket plus riding pants (must be with protectors) 
  • Motorcycle riding gloves with padding 
  • Motorcycle riding shoes that at least cover your ankles 

If you are looking for a full track rider’s kit, here is a checklist: 

  • A full-face motorcycle helmet 
  • Full-gauntlet leather track gloves 
  • Racing boots 
MotoCamp Riding School

Motorcycle is optional 

MotoCamp has bikes that you can rent out on the day. Currently, the school has two options for you to use, which include a Yamaha R3 or a Yamaha MT-15. The R3 can be rented for P9,000 per day and the MT-15 can be rented for P7,000 per day. You can use your own bike on the track, however. 

MotoCamp Riding School


Finally, you need to bring yourself. MotoCamp does not condone riding drunk or hungover. If you were drinking the night before, make sure that it has been eight hours since and it also goes without saying but make sure that you get a full night’s rest before the course. Track riding is dangerous, and while you may be physically present on the day itself, you also need to be mentally present as well. This is to ensure that you can properly absorb all you need to learn and also keep you and other riders safe from incidents on track. 

MotoCircuit 101: Classroom session

MotoCamp Riding School

After you’ve registered, coaches will be on the ground first to give you a classroom session and explain the concepts of riding at speed. The general gist of this session is to introduce concepts and give you a basic understanding of riding at speed and how to do it properly and safely. Track riding concepts will be introduced here, as well as the basics of controlling a motorcycle while leaning over. The session will also teach you about vision and a basic understanding of the physics of a motorcycle. 

The briefing for the next exercise will also be done here, which will be all about throttle control. 

MotoCircuit 101: No Brake Drill

MotoCamp Riding School
MotoCamp Riding School

The first drill in the MotoCircuit 101 session will see you on the bike and off the brakes. In this drill, you will be on the karting track and you will be using engine braking to control your speed in corners. Actually, the main point of this exercise is to carry speed into corners and overslow yourself. 

Coaches will be on duty showing you how it's done and pacing the group, as well as showing you the lines that you need to take in order to be safe and cornering properly. The other important thing to remember about this drill is to make sure that you have your vision in check. Definitely look where you want to go in this exercise and keep the habit of using your head to look where you want the bike to go next. You will carry the “look-where-you-want-to-go” habit with you from here on out, as well as the throttle control that this exercise gives you. 

MotoCircuit 101: Body Position

MotoCamp Riding School
MotoCamp Riding School

After the first drill, the session will close and open up another classroom sit-down at the paddock. The coaches will summarize what just happened and give students feedback on their lines. Following that, however, it will now be all about adjusting your body. 

Coaches will demonstrate the proper riding position on a motorcycle, and then they will also have you try out the techniques on your own motorcycle. After the on-the-ground session, you will be taken out on track and assessed. Coaches will let you lead one by one and assess your riding position and style to dial in the technique. Feedback will be given as well. 

MotoCircuit 101: Refinement

MotoCamp Riding School

After the introduction to body position, it’s time to refine your technique and riding style. Listen to the coaches’ feedback, and apply it on track. At this point, it’s all about tying everything together. It is at this point that the coaches will continue to refine your technique and give you an introduction to the next course that MotoCamp offers. 

Where do I sign up?

MotoCamp Riding School

MotoCamp is on Facebook and on Instagram. You can reach out and inquire about the next batch of students that the school will take in. 

As for the prices of the course, these are the tuition fees at the time of publishing: 

  • MotorCycle 101 one-on-one - P34,000 (two days) 
  • MotoCircuit 101 one-on-one - P18,000 (one day) 
  • MotoCircuit 101 group - P15,000 (one day, Three riders) 
  • MotoCoaching Track Enhancement - P13,000 (one day) 

All of the courses will not include the bikes and if you want to use any of the school’s bikes, here are the rental fees: 

  • Yamaha MT-15 - P7,000 
  • Yamaha YZF-R3 - P9,000 

Finally, make sure that you prepare the track fees: 

  • P3,000 - Big Track 
  • P2,500 - Kart Track 

Photos by @mister.presko on Instagram

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