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5 things we love about the BMW F 750 GS

There’s a lot to like about BMW’s mid-sized ADV.

5 things we love about the BMW F 750 GS

The middleweight adventure segment is definitely one of the most popular categories of motorcycling, not just in our local big bike scene, but all over the world, as well. Understandably so—what’s not to like about versatile, tractable machines with rugged looks and go-anywhere capability? That being said, BMW has always been at the forefront of the ADV scene. This is especially true when talking about heavy-hitters like the R 1250 GS. 

However, BMW has quite an attractive prospect when it comes to the mid-size segment, too. Enter the F 750 GS, BMW’s answer to the ever-growing middleweight ADV segment currently dominated by the likes of the Yamaha Tenere 700, Suzuki V-Strom 650, and KTM 790 Adventure. Now, unsurprisingly, the F 750 GS is one versatile machine. Let’s take a closer look at what this bike has to offer, and why it’s a worthy contender in the mid-sized ADV scene. 

Approachable performance

When it comes to performance, you may be surprised to learn that the F 750 GS does not come with a 750cc engine. Instead, it gets the same 853cc parallel-twin engine found on the more premium F 850 GS. With 77 horsepower on tap, it’s plenty powerful to get you up to speed on the open road. However, it isn’t blisteringly fast that it’ll scare away novice riders. In fact, the F 750 GS can be considered a beginner-friendly big bike, thanks to its friendly engine and approachable ergonomics package. 

Adventurous styling

BMW F 750 GS

When it comes to styling, there’s no doubt that the F 750 GS delivers unmistakable adventurous aesthetics. With its sharp and aggressive bodywork, long-travel suspension, and burly dual-sport tires, it certainly looks like it’s ready to embark on your next long-distance adventure, even if you’re just parked at your local Starbucks. It’s available in multiple color options, all of which embody BMW’s classic adventurous spirit that has become synonymous with the GS moniker. 

Technology-packed features

Despite being a beginner-friendly motorcycle, the BMW F 750 GS is equipped with several outstanding technological features. For starters, Dynamic ESA automatically adjusts the suspension to the driving circumstances, resulting in improved tire-to-ground contact. ABS Pro enables the rider to maintain control of the vehicle while braking around curves. DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) prevents the back wheel from spinning under changing grip conditions, adding to the vehicle's overall stability. You can also connect your smartphone to the bike via bluetooth and use the 6.5-inch TFT display to keep track of vehicle information, navigation, calls, and media.


BMW F 750 GS

To ensure a perfect fit regardless of your height, you can choose from a variety of seat options to ensure that you sit perfectly on your F 750 GS such as the low-seat version with 30.3 inches, to the rally seat with 33.2 inches. The new "extra low" seat lets you become one with your machine by removing disruptive edges when standing, and adjusting the width when seated for long periods of time. 


BMW F 750 GS

Now, in comparison to other Japanese adventure bikes, the BMW F 750 GS will set you back a pretty penny. For P825,000, it’s definitely one of the pricier middleweight ADVs out there. Nonetheless, it still presents itself with undeniable value for money given how much technology and features the bike boasts. On top of that, it comes with the unmistakable heritage of what is undoubtedly the most iconic model range in the adventure bike scene. 

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