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10 gifts to buy for your motorcycle enthusiast partner

Never run out of ideas again with our best gift picks.

10 gifts to buy for your motorcycle enthusiast partner

Gift-giving is a subtle, delicate art form that takes years of trial and error. People can be fussy, and what you'd think makes the best gift may not be the right choice for the person who receives it. To that end, choosing a suitable gift can be confusing and exhausting.

That's rarely the case when you're giving gifts to motorcyclists. Most riders are simple folks with simple wants and needs. It doesn't matter if they ride a sportbike like the CFMOTO 300SR or a cruiser like the Harley-Davidson Iron 883— riders love their bikes, and anything related to it will always be a safe bet for a present. So, we've compiled ten of what we think would make great gifts for your motorcycle enthusiast partner.

New helmet

New helmet

We're starting simple. The helmet is perhaps the most crucial piece of gear in a rider's arsenal. It protects the head from accidents big or small and can even double as a stylish fashion statement.

When choosing a new helmet for your partner, consider their needs and what they already have. If they use a sturdy full-face helmet for daily riding, you could change things up with an open-face helmet for weekend rides. Helmets also range from cheap to expensive, so you'll have to figure out how much you're willing to spend. 

Helmet communication system

Cardo PackTalk Bold

If your partner doesn't need a new helmet, consider this instead. Helmet communicators are among the hottest riding accessories today. These devices allow riders to talk with each other while out on the open road. It helps prevent riders from losing each other in chaotic traffic, and it makes for great entertainment on longer rides.

There are countless options available today, all with different features and price points. You'd have to do a bit of guesswork here regarding your partner's specific needs, so look for a product with good build quality and great reviews.

Action camera

Motorcycle action cam

Like helmet communicators, action cameras can make riding more fun. These tiny cameras capture the thrill of the road from many angles. Riders commonly mount them on their helmets, handlebars, chest area, and other locations where the action is visible.

It can be challenging to look for the right action cam for your partner, with all the products available from competing brands. Ideally, a good action cam that ticks all the boxes would have 4K resolution, 60 FPS recording, image stabilization, and waterproofing.

Smartphone mount

Motorcycle smartphone mount

These days, few riders can go without having their smartphone directly accessible. One of the most popular ways to go about this is by having a smartphone mount on the bike's handlebars.

You'd think that any old mount will do the job just fine, but some smartphone manufacturers have warned that extensive vibrations can damage a phone's camera system. That's especially true for motorcycles with powerful engines. For this reason, getting a mount with vibration dampeners is particularly important. Products from Quad Lock and other similar brands have this feature, so they're worth exploring.

New riding gloves

New riding gloves

A good pair of riding gloves never gets old. Purchase a high-quality product, and it's bound to last for years, if not decades. There are several types of riding gloves available in the market. Street, dirt, race, touring, and ADV gloves can all vary in material and level of protection. You'd have to determine which type works best for your partner's motorcycle and riding style. The good news is there are countless riding glove styles and colors out there to fit any taste.

New riding boots

New riding boots

What matches new riding gloves? A new pair of riding boots, of course! Like gloves, motorcycle boots feature different materials and styles based on usage. The types of riding boots include street, touring, adventure, dirt, sport, and racing. Street boots are lightweight and breathable, so they're perfect for everyday use. On the other end of the spectrum, racing boots provide maximum protection. There are a lot of boots in between, and often choosing the best means finding the best balance of protection level and style. 


Motorcycle saddlebags

Motorcycles typically aren't the best vehicles for carrying stuff around. Unless your partner has a touring bike that comes with panniers out of the factory, they're likely to appreciate some quality saddlebags.

Many saddlebags can fit most motorcycles, but you'll have to make sure by finding out measurements in advance. Check for quality and features. Is it water-resistant? Can it handle engine heat well? You'd also do well to match the saddlebags' style with the bike. That said, classic saddlebags made of cowhide leather are always a good choice.

Riding backpack

Riding backpack

If your partner isn't into saddlebags, consider a nice riding backpack. Unlike saddlebags, they're more portable, and you can take them practically anywhere. Any old bag won't do, either, as riders need specialized packs designed for motorcycling. 

Riding backpacks can be on the expensive side, but their sheer utility ensures most riders will appreciate them. Look for backpacks that are water-resistant, lightweight, and come with built-in protection for laptops and other electronics.

Motorcycle toolkit

Motorcycle toolkit

If your partner loves to tinker with their bike for hours on end, they're sure to appreciate a high-quality toolkit. The best toolkits have rugged cases, ample storage options, and of course, practical tools. Look for a product with a collection of screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, sockets, hex keys, pliers, and other essential motorcycle tools. There are many products out there with different sizes and tool capacities. Some toolkits can even attach to a motorcycle for ultimate practicality.

An upgrade of their choice

Motorcycle upgrade

If all else fails, ask your partner about the motorcycle upgrade of their dreams. Maybe it's an Akrapovič exhaust system, premium tires, new levers or lines, or a softer seat. Whatever it is, a bike upgrade of their choosing would likely make them happier than most other presents. Just make sure they don't go overboard, as we're sure they know bike modifications can get out of hand very quickly. 

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