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2020 Honda BeAT 110 Review

Reliable everyday performance and fuel economy, all in a light package made in the Philippines.

Honda Beat 110 Full Review Philippines

The Philippines, at least in terms of manufacturing, is pretty capable. Other brands have already taken the leap and started manufacturing locally, starting with the low-displacement models, and eventually moving up to bigger and better models. Honda moved the manufacture of the BeAT 110 to the Philippines for the year 2020. This unit is one example of Honda’s effort to reach more Filipino riders who are looking for a small-displacement, highly efficient, and affordable motorcycle for the masses. 

So will the Honda BeAT 110 Street make the grade? As one of the most affordable automatic motorcycles from a name brand, and with entry-level transport being one of the bigger price segments in the Philippines, let’s see if all of Honda’s efforts will pay off. 

3.9 / 5
2020 Honda BeAT 110 Review
What You Will Like
  • Outstanding Fuel Economy
  • Easy and effortless handling
  • Affordable price tag
What You Won't Like
  • Limited space for pillion riders
  • Leg space can be cramped for tall riders


2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Side
2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Front Quarter

While it is not exactly the most beautiful of motorcycles on the road, the BeAT looks very presentable. The design is modern and sharp, and is similar to other bikes in the category. It doesn’t stand out unless you know what it is. After all, you are dealing with a scooter that is a daily rider. Part of its charm comes from its decals, which can come in a variety of designs depending on what you are looking for. The model that we have now is the BeAT Street, though you can opt for the BeAT Fashion Sport if you prefer. 

2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Halogen Headlight
2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Side Mirror

Technical details of its exterior design include its halogen headlight, halogen indicators, and a halogen tail light. The mirrors are typical Honda, sharp and usable, though they do meet the side mirrors of sedans. The seat is made of a grippy material that feels like it is rubberized and will hold you in place which is nice once all 110 ccs of power are unleashed, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Overall, it’s a daily commuter. It looks good enough for you to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb, and build quality if quite good save for a few pieces. 


2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Engine
2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines FI Badge

With 110 ccs worth of displacement, you get 8.7 hp and 9.21 Nm of torque from a single-cylinder fuel-injected SOHC engine, you get decent in-city performance. It is a scooter and it is automatic, so all you have to do is twist-and-go. Transmission responds well and allows for easy low-speed maneuvers, which makes it a perfect singit machine. Lane filtering is easy also thanks to the narrow width and 93 kg curb weight. With a rider weight of about 60 kg, acceleration is decent. It’s not as punchy as a 150 cc for sure, but it is very relaxed also thanks in part to the transmission. Though, expect reduced performance with a pillion as the 110 cc engine will take much longer to get up to speed. 

2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Front Brake

Handling is another high point for the bike, clutchless operation and smooth power delivery help this bike handle quite well. Leaning left and right is effortless and quite easy given reasonable speeds and banking angles. Brakes are good with a reasonable bite. You do get discs in the front and a drum in the rear, acceptable kit for this price. 


2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Riding

With day-to-day use, this scooter is as plush as its price point, but that’s not to say it’s hard to ride. Its lack of weight makes it a very easy rider. The seat height is rather low at 740 mm, making it very fit for most Filipino riders. The posture is very relaxed just like any other scooter, however, due to its compact dimensions, larger individuals might have a hard time fitting on the bike so buy accordingly. With a rider height of 5 feet and 6 to 8 inches, the size is pretty much on point. However, with a rider height of close to 6 feet tall, the step board gets cramped. There are also accommodations for a pillion rider, however, the seat is a little on the small side and a bit narrow, though the grab bars at the rear are solid feeling along with the pillion footpegs. 

Bumps and humps on the road aren’t much of a problem for the soft suspension of the BeAT. At faster speeds, it’s not troublesome and di siya matagtag. Even on EDSA, the ride was very acceptable, and engine vibrations at low RPMs and low speeds are not that intrusive. Side mirrors are also quite usable, and offer great visibility for the rider, making lane changes easy. 

Tech and Safety

2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Eco Indicator
2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Gauge Cluster

As an entry-level scooter, the instrument cluster of the BeAT is very spartan. You get a speedometer, fuel level indicator coupled with a digital odometer, as well as turn signal, high beam, and check engine lights. Though one of the more notable features in the BeAT’s gauge cluster is the eco indicator, which lights up if you’re saving fuel while riding. The fit and feel of the switches are very Honda, meaning that it has a quality click whenever a button is pressed. You also get Honda’s Alternating Current Generator starter which allows the motorcycle to fire its engine quietly with a push of a button, but kickstarting still remains an option. Standard on all BeATs is the kickstand kill switch, which prevents you from setting off with it deployed. 

Other variants will come equipped with the Idling Stop System (ISS) and the Combi Brake System (CBS). For an additional P3,500, you can get these features. With ISS, you can stand to save more fuel as the engine can “rest” and wake when needed to reduce fuel consumption even more. CBS, on the other hand, allows the rider to equalize the brake force of the left lever to both wheels, allowing for stopping to be more stable.

Usability and practicality

While the BeAT is light and compact, the tradeoff is that it doesn’t have as much storage space as the bigger scooters in the market. The under-seat storage is rather small, even with 11-liters of space, and will only be able to accommodate a half helmet along with rain gear and maybe a set of clothes. Though, you do get a designated space for your user-manual and your registration documents, which is a plus. This area is also where your gas cap is located, however, accessing this part of the bike isn’t as smooth as we wanted it to be, and closing it will take a bit of accuracy, as the seat moves side to side enough for the latch not to align. It is a minor inconvenience. 

There are cubby holes located below the handlebars, but the one on the right side is too shallow, and the one on the left isn’t deep enough for most modern phones to fully fit. You can still place a water bottle or smartphone here, however, there is no guarantee that it will be safe as there is no door to secure it down. 


2020 Honda BeAT 110 Street Philippines Rolling

Now, as an entry-level scooter, the BeAT 110 Street does tick a lot of the boxes for what you need. It’s not a motorcycle with a lot of features, but it is one that does all the basics quite well, and for that, it has our vote. However, it is better as a city slicker, with one rider, and for short rides. Bigger models like the Honda PCX or the ADV 150 make for better long-distance machines, and take passengers much better. 

Priced at just P66,900 for the Standard Street and Fashion variants, the BeAT 110 is an optimal choice for many who are looking for an automatic scooter that is exceedingly easy to ride even for beginners. Saktong sakto siya pang araw-araw, at napakadali siyang gamitin. It can serve as a perfect first motorcycle for those who need a personal transport solution, and it also is manufactured in the Philippines, so parts and pride will come along with the package. It is a Filipino-built machine for Filipinos and it is under Honda’s wing. 

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