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Will the new Kymco AK 550 Premium conquer the maxi-scooter segment?

Does Kymco's most sophisticated maxi-scooter to date have what it takes to dethrone the Yamaha TMAX?

Kymco AK 550 Premium

Kymco, a Taiwanese company that produces scooters, has released a new model called the AK Premium. This luxurious maxi-scooter is designed to compete with Yamaha's TMAX and is an upgrade from Kymco's previous model, the AK550.

The AK Premium is equipped with a powerful 550cc twin-cylinder engine featuring a 270-degree crankshaft, generating 51 horsepower. The engine is paired with a continuously variable gearbox to provide a smooth ride, and the throttle-by-wire technology enables more precise engine control and smoother acceleration. Additionally, the AK Premium has two customizable riding modes that allow users to choose from two different power settings.

Kymco AK 550 Premium

The AK Premium boasts a more aggressive and futuristic design compared to its predecessor, with a menacing front fascia and LED lights. It also has additional features such as traction control and cruise control, making it suitable for long-distance journeys.

Weighing 238 kilograms, the AK Premium is heavier than the Yamaha TMAX, but Kymco has ensured that it is well-balanced and easy to ride. With its powerful engine, luxurious amenities, and stylish appearance, the AK Premium is a formidable contender in the premium maxi-scooter market.

In terms of pricing, Kymco has always been known for providing excellent value, and the new AK Premium is no different. Here in the Philippines, it retails for P649,000. In contrast, the Yamaha TMAX Tech Max will set you back a hefty P849,000.

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