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Watch out for Triumph’s limited-time-run of Gold Line Edition Bonnevilles and Scramblers

The opportunity to own a Gold Line Edition will go by after one year.

Triumph New 2022 Gold Line Bonneville and Scramblers

Triumph has done a special edition, Gold Line, in the past of its Street Twin, however, that run was only limited to 1,000 units, and unsurprisingly all sold out. Due to the success of such a run, the British brand is back once again to offer the special line once more, but with 8 different and distinct colorways spanning 6 models across the classic range of bikes in the Triumph lineup. 

The British brand did not announce anything in relation to a numbered unit run. As such, the Gold Line Editions will be unlimited as long as there is demand, but time-bound in terms of its availability. The limited-run will last for a year, then after that one year is up, the bikes will no longer be available. 

All eight models are the latest and greatest editions of the Bonneville line of motorcycles from the Triumph brand. All consisting of retro-styling along with a myriad of purposes, riders can choose from the most road-going to the most adventurous offerings that the retro nameplate has to offer. As for the Gold Line Editions, here’s what Triumph has to offer: 

Bonneville T100 Gold Line Edition 

Bonneville Scrambler Gold Line Edition 

Bonneville Speedmaster Gold Line Edition 

Bonneville Bobber Gold Line Edition 

Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition 

Bonneville T120 Black Gold Line Edition 

Scrambler 1200 XC Gold Line Edition

Scrambler 1200 XE Gold Line Edition 

All of the models will feature a livery that is hand-made by the artisans at Triumph’s factory. Hand-painted and applied by the painters, the bikes are certainly worth their paintjobs as they tend to stand out better in comparison to the rest of the standard colors in the lineup. 

Official Philippine pricing and availability have yet to be announced but expect that these models will come at a premium once they hit the Triumph dealership. We’re keeping our eyes peeled and our ears close to the ground to let you know when and if these units will be made available anytime soon. 

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