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Voge introduces the new CU 525 cruiser in China

The cruiser is set to enter Europe in 2023, could it come to the Philippines in the near future?

Voge introduces the new CU 525 cruiser in China

Due to its Voge subsidiary, the Chinese manufacturer Loncin has established itself in the bulk of the European market, as well as Asian markets like the Philippines. Voge, which focuses on the premium market, offers performance and features comparable to those of entry-level and middleweight machines at a cost that is far cheaper than that of its Japanese and European competitors.

Voge's model lineup has grown recently, moving beyond entry-level bikes to include adventure tourers, neo-retro roadsters, and naked sportbikes with 500cc displacement engines and higher. With the CU 525, the Chinese manufacturer has this time entered the cruiser market. Voge intends to compete with Honda's Rebel 500, one of the few cruisers from an established brand in this market, with this 500cc model.

It's crucial to notice right away that the 500cc range from Loncin is recognized for using an engine with eerily identical qualities to Honda's 471cc parallel-twin. By increasing the displacement to 494cc in 2021, the Chinese company "upgraded" the engine, although the engine's 180-degree crankshaft, liquid cooling system, and electronic fuel injection remained the same. The CU 525 uses the same engine, which has been adjusted to provide a maximum output of 47.6 horsepower in accordance with European A2 license requirements.

The CU 525 sets itself apart from the other cruisers in terms of style with a more rough and athletic look. The CU 525 clearly draws inspiration from American motorcycles like the Harley Sportster S, as shown by its large headlamp, enormous front and rear tires, forward controls, and bar-end rearview mirrors. The overall appearance is that of an aggressive yet laid-back machine, with a strong custom look and feel about it. 

There now seem to be two variations of the Voge CU 525 available in China. One of them has a belt drive, while the other has a chain final drive mechanism. Which version will eventually reach the worldwide market is still unknown. Nonetheless, each bike has an inverted front fork, a preload-adjustable rear monoshock, and front and rear disc brakes with ABS.

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