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Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act lapses into law also protecting vintage motorcycles

In addition to cars, the law also covers vintage motorcycles over 40 years old.

Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act motorcycles

You may have heard that Republic Act 11698 or the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act lapsed into law on April 15, 2022. While much of the excitement from the new law has come from its provisions on cars, there’s a perhaps lesser-known application of the Act.

The new law protecting vintage vehicles includes not only four-wheelers but also motorcycles at least 40 years old. These vehicles can be imported and exported from the Philippines, subject to implementing rules and regulations.

According to RA 11698, vehicles manufactured prior to the passing of safety laws are exempt from the latter. Section 5 indicates that these vintage vehicles can be operated without mandatory safety features like side mirrors and automatic headlights. More than that, right-hand-drive vehicles or motorcycles with right-hand-oriented sidecars manufactured prior to December 31, 1970, are exempted from the rule against right-handed vehicles.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will handle all registration duties for vintage vehicles. It will provide registrants with a special plate number bearing the words “vintage vehicle” to indicate its status within the new law. 

If you have an older vehicle with lost registration papers, fear not, as the LTO will accept a notarized affidavit stating that the owner and applicant is the sole and rightful owner of the vehicle. You would also need details regarding how you came to own the vehicle and state that no one else has staked a claim to the vehicle. Lastly, a police statement to prove the vehicle is not lost or stolen is needed. It will cost you P10,000 for the reconstitution fee, in addition to other relevant charges as determined by the LTO.

Do you have a vintage vehicle you’re looking to take out of the garage? With the lapsing of the Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act into law, this could be the best time for vintage vehicle owners to bring back their treasured possessions into the public eye.

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