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Triumph and MotoAdvisor to break the record for World’s Largest Female Biker Meet in 2022

Calling all lady riders, yes ALL lady riders. Make history once again and be a part of the largest congregation of female riders!

Triumph and MotoAdvisor Largest Female Biker Meet

The brand behind the Street and the Speed Triple is planning something big this 2022. No, it’s not just another Tiger 900 or another Street Twin or Bobber, it’s a record-setting event for rider culture. 

If you didn’t know, the largest-ever recorded female biker meet happened back in 2017, and the event had a record-setting 1,132 headcount of female riders all in one place. The thing is, however, COVID-19 happened, and having a large number of riders congregate in one place wasn’t exactly the safest thing to do in the past two years, so the record stood ever since. 

This year, MotoAdvisor and Triumph are teaming up to bring that record to new heights, hopefully, to ring in around 2,000 riders this 2022. The location for this biker meet won’t be just for the record’s sake. As MotoAdvisor’s partner in this endeavor, Triumph will hold its Factory Visitor Experience in Hinckley to help give riders a good reason to meet and participate in the record-setting event. All lady riders are invited to come, but men won’t be barred from attending. Males will not count towards the record attempt, however. 

All lady riders are inhibited to participate, though, the catch is that the event will be held in the United Kingdom, which means that Filipina riders who don’t reside in the UK have to book a flight to be part of the headcount in the event. If you want to follow the event and find out if the record will be broken, there is a Facebook event that you can check out and search for, “World's Largest Female Biker Meet - 2022.” The event will happen on July 24, 2022, at the Triumph Factory in Hinckley. Riders are advised to make it on time from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. of that day. 

For the record, riders will be asked to ride in front of a camera for the official count, and a numbered sticker will be given in order to facilitate the official headcount. Expect live music, food, drinks, vendors, and a raffle for joining. Admission will be free, and all the proceeds of the event will be given to select charity groups and organizations, namely Blood Bikers and Air Ambulance. A third group has yet to be named, but stay tuned to the Facebook event to receive updates. 

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