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Is QJ Motor developing a powerful 1,301cc V-twin engine?

The possibility of a powerful Benelli-branded street bike could be looming on the horizon.

Is QJ Motor developing a powerful 1,301cc V-twin engine?

Recently, Chinese motorbike producers have improved, with names like CFMOTO and Benelli making waves on the international scene. The same is no longer true for commuter two-wheelers with tiny displacements, but also for high-end, performance-driven machines. This is demonstrated by bikes like the CFMOTO 800MT, which was developed on the KTM 790 chassis.

In addition, fellow Chinese motorbike producer Qianjiang, whose name you may be better familiar with as QJ Motor, has established itself not just in China but also internationally. Benelli's parent firm, the brand, has been releasing design concepts left and right and is obviously planning to dominate the middleweight market with a range of upcoming naked and ADV motorcycles. It's interesting to note that QJ seems to want to grow even bigger and has started experimenting in the performance-oriented market with a new engine that resembles the KTM 1290 Super Duke R.

Is QJ Motor developing a powerful 1,301cc V-twin engine?

Qianjiang has filed a patent for a brand-new large-displacement V-twin engine. Even the untrained eye can easily identify the block from KTM's 1290 Super Duke R by looking at the project name, "QJ2V108MYL," which is what we see on the patent application. If we look more closely at the nomenclature, it's clear that "QJ" refers to the manufacturer in question, "2V" represents the engine's V-twin configuration, and "108" possibly refers to the block's bore. It just so happens that its bore matches the LC8 engine of KTM's Super Duke perfectly.

Whatever the circumstance, Qianjiang is unquestionably a Chinese company capable of creating engines with a focus on performance. The Chinese company that also designs engines sells them to a number of Western firms. For instance, MV Agusta and Harley-Davidson have agreements with QJ Motor for the production of engines for the Asian market as well as the recently launched Lucky Explorer 5.5 from MV Agusta.

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