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Pornhub now offers free e-scooter rides with Mimoto

Mimoto is an electric scooter startup from Italy, not a pornstar.

Mimoto and Pornhub partnership

What do the world’s largest adult entertainment video streaming site and an Italian electric scooter company have in common? Absolutely nothing — or so we thought. Pornhub has just partnered with Mimoto, an e-bike sharing company to offer free rides across select major cities in Italy. All you have to do to avail of the services for free is to book a ride through the Mimoto app and enter a code that you can get from Pornhub’s website and your ride will be free of charge for the next 15 minutes. 

The services started between September 11 and 13, 2020 and Mimoto is currently available in Turin, Milan, and Geneva. The free ride service brought by the two companies had the common goal of introducing more people into the e-bike sharing service, develop sustainable commuting habits, and help people get together with social distancing measures still in mind. By promoting electric two-wheel mobility, Mimoto practically takes on the challenges brought about by limited means of transportation brought about by the global pandemic, much like what we’ve been experiencing right here in Metro Manila. Mimoto’s platform is similar to the MMDA’s now-defunct bike-sharing program which they launched a couple of years ago.

Yet, it’s even more surprising to note the involvement of a company such as Pornhub. Surprisingly, the leading adult streaming site has been involved in more corporate social responsibility campaigns than we know. A few years ago, the site promoted “Give America Wood” that promises to plant one tree for every 100 views it had on its website. They also launched a Beesexual campaign to support bee-saving initiatives and raise awareness all across the United States. Mimoto said in an official statement that offering a free ride with its scooters in collaboration with Pornhub could be a good way to bring people together in a different way.

The partnership between a green sharing service and the most important company in the adult entertainment sector is a perfect example of how society can come together to change paradigms and evolve in a responsible way, also by uniting two companies with such different contents.

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