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MSF releases downloadable training materials and online courses for free

According to MSF, being forced to stay home doesn’t mean you can’t be a better rider.

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Many motorcycle riders have been forced to park their steeds because of the global lockdown that has been limiting mobility. People are left just staring and sitting on their motorcycles without being able to take them out for a nice long ride. Normally this would have been the perfect season to start bringing out your motorcycles as summer is here. This summer is a lot different. Government-mandated social distancing measures have forced everyone to stay at home in its bid to try to combat the spread of COVID-19. Now, we can only dream of long rides and open roads, and we are left to search the internet for entertainment. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is looking at the situation in a whole different light and is hoping to bring out better riders out of this.

The MSF believes that this is a great opportunity to brush up your riding skills by releasing a trove of training materials online and expand your knowledge in motorcycle riding and safety.

The MSF has a wide variety of digital content that can help motorcyclists while many training sites and RiderCoaches are unavailable during this pandemic. Many riders are still on the road, getting where they need to go, and we want them, and all motorists, to be as safe as possible.

Among the materials and e-courses available from their website and downloadable for free via iTunes are, An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics, Dr. Ray’s Guide to Group Riding, and Dr. Ray’s Street Strategies. Riders can also download RiderCourse handbooks, safety booklets, quick tips, tests, presentations, and other reference materials right straight from your screen available in multiple languages.

MSF also released the “Ride Along With Ray” series of Youtube videos featuring real-life practical situations coupled with riding technique instructions.  Making all these materials available just goes to show MSF’s commitment to educating riders and producing better motorcyclists. 

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